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Re- time to ponder (2)

This is the concluding installment of this piece which was first published on Friday.

IN 1947, Ali Jinnah established a sovereign state for Muslims and called it Pakistan. This bold action led to tremendous economic and technological breakthrough for India, as today India produces aircraft and is one of the major exporters of computers as well as a leading nation in the field of Mathematics.

On the other hand Pakistan cohesively practices her legal system and religion in accordance with her faith and ideology peacefully and unfettered

The dwindling economy, insecurity, inflation, unemployment and the raising of people’s legitimacy, peoples right, peoples will over and above unintelligible and incoherent argument of the few elite which never favour the masses anywhere, forced Czechoslovakia into serious appraisal of the state of their nation in the 19908s. They removed the toga of pretence and faced reality.

They met in Bratislava and interestingly agreed to dissolve Czechoslovakia peacefully, in 1991 and the southern part became Slovakia. Today all the economic indices coming from the resultant countries, show that they are far better off as neighbours than as one nation.

Also when the legitimacy of Marxims/Leninism outlived its usefulness and relevance as our amalgamation appears to have outstayed its welcome, the long decades of cold war expressed in suspicion between the NATO and the then USSR  ended on December 25, 1991, when the Soviet Union was dissolved amicably too.

Economic activities

The 15 nations cramped together in that union became sovereign states and can now unleash their full potentials. This reduced the threat to world peace and increased economic activities and the subsequent GDP growth of the world. Before the breaking up of Sudan into Sudan and Southern Sudan, the per capita income of the old Sudan was $1,450 in 2008.

Immediately after the break up, the per capita income of Sudan rose to $1,580 with that of Southern Sudan being $862 in 2012. If one totals the two it amount to $2,312, a total they have never achieved nor any African country.

Nigerian elite obstinately or pretentiously, because of their personal pecuniary considerations, complacently or arrogantly say that Nigerian unity is settled and that what held us together is more than that which divide us. Others will argue that our beauty is in our size. This writer considers these points facile ones as they lack deep thought backed up by preponderance ideas.

•Is it social values that held us together, where one believes that western education is evil (haram) and the other believes that western education is life?

•Is it ancestry, where one is a descendant of Ishmael, which the Bible recorded clearly as separated from descendant of Jacob.

•Is it geography? Where naturally one zone is a desert and the other a rain forest.

•Is elephant the best of animals?

•Others further opine that allowing Nigeria to break will lead to many villages asking for sovereign nations. This argument does not hold water because Sudan is a recent working example and the Igbos existed as a sovereign nation cohesively for 30 months.  Pretence is very costly and the worst ruinous thing to engage in.

Now that the president in his independence broadcast of October 1, 2013 appears to be caving in for a national discourse, by constituting a committee to work out the modalities, it is said that anything worth doing is worth doing well, referendum that will give every Nigerian an opportunity to decide about his nation along the following alternatives is recommended.

•One tight federation with a strong centre (yes) or (no)

•A true federalism with weak centre and state police (yes) or (no)

•Dissolution into five or six sovereign nations with ethnic groups alignments (yes) or (no) The voting should be supervised by UN and financed by the present executive. No cost will be too much to build a nation. Over to you and let the debate go on.

Onyebuchi Nwalugwu, a media consultant wrote from 27, Asokoro, Abuja


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