Frontline Nigerian data and document management company, Petrodata management service Limited, last week, said that the latest versions of electronic document management system applications from its Netherland based partners, ASSAI can streamline operations for Nigeria’s oil and gas, construction, engineering and other sectors.

The company said its products were capable of maintaining growth and stability which technology has helped the sectors achieve.

Petrodata which is the exclusive distributor of the Assai document system application in West-Africa, said that the new Assai Electronic Document Management System application solves complex projects within the construction, oil and gas and engineering sectors much as it also helps government streamline operations.

speaking to Hi-Tech on why companies should embrace the solutions, Executive Director Business Development, Petrodata, Mr. Dayo Adenowo, described ASSAI as having the capability to improve efficiency, adding that “when you make use of Assai, there is a work module that ensures business processes are automated. Actions that would require paper moving from one table to another would be done electronically. Assai gets things automated which improves efficiency and reduces wastage. Assai ensures high returns on investment because those things that would amount to additional expenditure would be eliminated thereby saving money and time”

Adenowo added that by implementing ASSAi solutions, Petrodata provides best-in-class methods for Document Management/File Conversion Outsourcing Services that enable organizations to successfully crystalize their business structure.

Explaining why his company chose to implement ASSAI products in West Africa, Adenowo said: “While Petrodata was in quest for preferred EDMS software for her customers in oil and gas sector, we decided to choose Assai after benchmarking Assai’s functionalities with ISO 9001 and identified Assai DCMS as one of the best-of-breed solutions for Oil and Gas, Engineering and Construction Companies. Afterward, Assai and Petrodata then partnered in 2010 to roll out Assai DCMS as business process management solution to these three major sectors – Oil & Gas, Engineering and Construction) in West Africa

In his own statement, ASSAI CEO, Willem Van Der Jagt said that his company saw the need to tailor solutions that can help oil and gas businesses effectively document and manage the huge sum of money that pass around on daily basis and a lot of papers moving in different directions.

Der Jagt said that although ASSAI solutions mainly target the oil and gas industries due to the urgent need for proper documentation and process management in the sectors, there were also a couple of other solutions for both the legal profession and other sectors that are directly linked with the oil and gas industries even as more industries would soon be covered by its solutions.


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