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What Nigerians say about casualisation

By Aderonke Adeyeri

I do not want to steal—Bright  Nwokolo

I graduated six years ago from one of the Nigerian universities, married with two children and an aged mother to cater for. After a long search for a job which was never available,I decided to enroll with one of the private contract firms,which fixed me up with a factory work where I receive N1300 for labour on daily basis.

I know a substantial amount of my  pay goes to the contract firm. Also, I have been here for three years and  I still remain a casual worker with no right to any benefit from the company..Sincerely,  I am not complaining because for me, half bread is better than none and  I do not want to steal to feed my family.

I cry when I remember them—John Mebude

I am a casual worker with this company but I know that one day, my God will make a way for me. When I newly joined this company, I knew a man (name withheld) who had been here for a long period .

This man is now on the run for his dear life as the company is threatening him  for seeking  its help to overcome his terminal ailment. He became sick as a result of an accident he suffered while at work.  There was another lady who had an accident during work and presently  diagnosed with a complication that can lead to cancer if not properly treated.

When I remember them , I cry out my eyes and it is so unfortunate that the company simply neglects them because they are  casual workers. I am begging the government to provide job and eradicate unemployment in Nigeria.

We are subjected to strenuous work   —Chuks  Augustine   

I am a graduate of Economics but I work as a casual worker in this company. As a casual worker, I work for three days and have a day off. Working in this company has not been easy. Casual workers are subjected to strenuous work and a huge target to meet everyday.

I have been here since  August last year and my  first off was spent at the clinic but I am now used to it. Besides , I  almost lost the job when I was at the clinic and I have been made to sign an undertaking that it will not repeat itself or I get fired.

Abiodun  – I am a reliever

I am not a casual worker but a reliever. I  come here every morning to see if the company needs a reliever. The job of a reliever is to fill the gap of any casual worker who comes late to work or does not  show up at all. Sometimes, I could be lucky and sometimes I may not. All that matters is to get food on my table.



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