October 2, 2013

Magistrate tongue-lashes drunk lawyer

LAGOS—An Igbosere Magistrate Court, Lagos State, Wednesday, scolded a lawyer for taking alcohol before coming to the court.

The Magistrate, Mrs E. Kubeinje, who was livid that the lawyer, Mr. Emmanuel Benye, was drunk when he appeared in her court, asked the legal practitioner to get a colleague to represent him as she would not allow him to go ahead with his case since he was reeking of alcohol.

Benye was said to have been reeking of alcohol when he stood up in the courtroom to announce the appearance for his client.

Presiding Magistrate, Mrs Kubeinje said: “You should not be involved in things like this, especially when you are at work.’’

Kubeinje had initially ordered that the matter be stood down when Benye and the police prosecutor, Inspector Clifford Ogu, denied that the offensive odour emanated from them, prompting her to ask the registrar to move closer to them and determine who was reeking of alcohol.

Subsequently, the registrar informed the court that Benye was the offender.

Although the lawyer later apologised to the magistrate and promised that such occurrence would not happen again.

The Magistrate advised him to plead with one of his colleagues to assist him handle his client’s case after expressing her displeasure over the embarrassment.