Nature is vast, from the cerulean oceans majestic in their rights, to the azure skies filled with birds chirping away as Mother Nature intended with their vibrant colors radiating beauty.

The esthetics of nature is more than meets the eyes and the camera of a photographer – a visual journal, freezing these moments and archiving the memories for the generation yet unborn.

Many believe a click of the shutter is all it takes to capture timeless images, but creating an image, is a delicate intercourse between  pyscology, science.

When Ademola Olaniran was chosen amidst the numerous photographers littered and clustered on the African plains as the first ever African invitee to the prodigious Photokamp workshop in Germany and Sandwiched amongst the creme de la creme of photography from all over the world,he knew he had found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

“One should think greatly about colors, but the emotional depths come alive when it is transformed to black and white, Ademola opines yet when the grandeur and beauty of such images are resurrected, giving life back to the monochrome and sparking its radiance back on, its innate beauty of the photograph is unlocked.

Demo! As he his fondly called, having harnessed and honed his photography art and craft over the years, was immersed fully into various concepts at the exposé in PhotoKamp, which  has propelled him to newer frontiers.

A talented photographer with a keen eye for every detail in his work, as he combines talent and hard work to express beauty and drive behavioral change . He opines that the photography industry in Nigeria is yet to be fully explored, and as a result, he aspires to be more involved in the industry.

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Subsequently, Ademola’s objectives are to recreate a true photographic experience in Nigeria, as well as to share his new photographic ideas with other photographers, as he believes that hoarding information is counterproductive.

The experience gained from collaborating with Nick Saglimbeni, the famous Kardashian’s photographer, and other foreign professionals served as an epoch making experience for the cheerful photographer, whose rich body of work speaks volumes.

A student of great veteran photographers like  Dayo Adedayo and Don Barber , Ademola spoke in glowing terms about one of  Africa’s biggest and most productive photographers, Dayo Adedayo and the knowledge he gained from rubbing shoulders with the best precipitated the need to write down his  dreams and see them come to fruition, if enough work is done. Ademola admitted that he scribbles his goals and intentions in a notebook and when they are achieved the journey of a new cycle begins “CONCEIVE, CREATE, CRUSH” and Repeat.


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