UGHELLI—DELTA State Chairman of Democratic Peoples Party, DPP, Chief Tony Ezeagu, Thursday, said that there was no crisis in the party and described recent media report linking Chief Great Ogboru to “non-existent” crisis in the party as misleading and mischievous.

Ezeagu said “our attention has been drawn to some reckless comments made by Mr. Olisaemeka Akamukale against our leader, Chief Ogboru. Firstly, we recognise that Akamukale is defeated and troubled on account of the failed conspiracy to destroy DPP through the ill-advised political misadventure of a gang of failed conspirators.

“Therefore, we see his meddlesome diatribes that Chief Ogboru is responsible for a non-existent problem in DPP as just hateful, malicious, petty and outright blackmail by a man, who is seeking overnight fame using the good name of our leader as a ladder to get there.

“Otherwise, why would any gainfully engaged man be so concerned about the affairs of a party that expelled him having considered him so unfit to be associated with? We categorically deny that there is any crisis or faction in DPP. This false alarm has been laid to rest by Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC.

“But Akamukale and his co-travellers will not rest. Since there is no crisis or faction as confirmed by INEC, Akamukale’s claim that our leader is responsible for a so-called crisis in DPP is therefore, baseless.”

“Furthermore, Akamukale’s claim that our leader prevented DPP from being part of All Progressive Congress , APC merger is an irrelevant lie. On the contrary, it was Chief Ogboru, in his capacity as a member of the Merger Committee set up by the National Executive Committee of DPP, who personally submitted DPP’s proposals to the APC Merger Committee.

“The proposal of DPP as a national party could not have been tailored to suit Ogboru as an individual as Akamukale misleadingly claims. We in Delta State DPP particularly feel it was sheer political naïveté for the Akamukales of this world to think that we were going to hurry into a merger with our over 750,000 registered members, when arrogance of futuristic fairy-tale political dominance was preventing serious negotiation with our national leaders.

“Akamukale’s disrespectful idle talk about overruling Chief Ogboru on the nomination of the late distinguished Senator Pius Ewherido as a member of the Merger Committee is just an ego trip meant to sustain unnecessary enmity amongst brothers – enmity that feeds him fat. That did not and could never have happened.”

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