August 8, 2013

Telecom subscribers seek N5,000 compensation

THE National Association of Telecommunications Subscribers, NATCOMS, has urged the Association of Licenced Telecommunications Operators of Nigeria, ALTON, operators of the Global System for Mobile Communications, GSM, to compensate subscribers in the country in the face of poor quality service.

National president of NATCOMS, Chief Deolu Ogunbanjo, said in a statement that after 12 years of total loyalty, storm weathering and patronage, each telecommunications operator should pay N5,000 as compensation to the consumers.

Ogunbanjo said that when GSM was introduced in Nigeria in August 2001, every subscriber was given N6,000 free to call any network.

According to him, 12 years after, consumers were still groaning in pains as a result of poor quality of service.

He said: “The quality of service profile that describes the performance evaluation of the system from the consumer perspective, using specific parameters has been poor.

“In telephony and other services, parameters used include call failure rate, call drop rate, call set-up rate, among others.”

call completion rate, billing accuracy, voice quality, network outages/downtimes, spectrum efficiency, international roaming, traffic channel congestion, etc. among others.”

While noting that the introduction of the G.S.M. in Nigeria in 2001 has brought about positive changes for individuals, corporate organizations, government at all levels and the country at large, Ogunbanjo said that it has saved thousands of lives in emergency, created and still creating jobs for many Nigerians, eased communications within families, work places and across nations.

He added that apart from bringing Direct Foreign Investment, DFI, into Nigeria and appreciating Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product, GDP, it has brought foreign and local investors’ confidence to the Nigerian economy and nation.

The NATCOMS president listed some of the operators’ network deficiencies as: “Dialing a number between 5-10 times before getting connected /not-connected; dialing several times and still getting a ‘call failed’ message.”

Others include moving from one place to the other in search of network signal before receiving or making calls; voice-breaks; call termination, charging even when a text message, SMS, has not been delivered, among others.