By William Jimoh

OLUGBOSUN ARIYO, National Coordinator, Exceptional Shareholders Association of Nigeria:

I share the mindset of some people in the market decrying the current level of market knowledge of majority of the Nigerian minority shareholders. And that is where enlightenment exercise should come in because our people need to be educated.

Often times, the regulators put a lot of attention on enlightenment of foreign investors, neglecting the local ones and if there is any problem in the market tomorrow these people will park their loads and go to their country, but it is the local investors that will remain come rain, come shine.

What I am saying is that the regulator’s contribution to educating shareholders in the country still appears very insignificant and that is why we don’t have enough of enlightenment programme, I feel we are been marginalised. People really want to invest in the market. I said this because I am a coordinator of a shareholders’ association and with my little experience, I have met with many people who are ready to invest, but they do not have the understanding of what the market has to offer them. Even some that are already in the market don’t know anything about capital appreciation; that if a particular share appreciates, you can sell it off amidst other common senses that applies to the market.

Some people are still holding on to the certificate of companies like Nestle that has nearly entered N1, 000 and they do not know what they will do about it.

Investors’ education should not therefore be considered as what the shareholders’ associations alone can do, but rather jointly.The regulators and companies should also contribute their own part.

There is need for an all-inclusive participation for all these market women and other small scale business owners who dominate shareholders’ groups. This can be achievable only when they are educated properly.

Many of them believe that when you buy shares, it is only about getting dividend. Many don’t know that there are other things behind the scene. Some people buy their shares from the primary market and they don’t know that there is a secondary market and because of this, they are exposed to fraudulent acts in the market.

I know of a man who bought shares some years ago and he told me that he did not know that there are other places where he can buy shares other than where he bought. Also, there are some certificates he has that worth millions of naira which he had to go and dematerialise thus the need to encourage people to belong to a shareholder association so that they can share ideas and by that be educated the more about the market and all the activities therein.

At this point, the regulator should come in and strengthen the shareholder associations, because we are closer to the shareholders, we understand their languages. We are the right channel through which the regulators can pass whatever information/education they want to shareholders.

Like when they are talking about market making, majority of these market women did not know what market making is all about. But it is the shareholders’ associations that usually break it down to them.   And we normally encourage them also to buy shares for their children, because most people don’t know that they can buy shares even for their one year old child, we therefore encourage them on issues generally relating to their investment as well as direct them to trustworthy stockbroking firms.

Also I want to admit that most leaders of the Nigerian shareholders’ association are not also educated enough to carry their members along. To me, I think many of them are heading those positions because of their personal interest, not because they have the understanding and ability and the interest to deliver what an ordinary shareholder requires to remain and make profit in the market. We need to go beyond setting up shareholders’ associations as an avenue for money making, because people need to be educated and know what is happening in the market.

JOSEPH OKPOYE, a minority shareholder: Talking about investors’ education, it is true that there are a good number of investors that are ignorant of what is happening in the market and that is what necessitates the fact that as shareholder, you should belong to a registered shareholders association.

It is a platform where you share ideals, information, experiences and updates about the market. For these reasons, I will say it is a forum every shareholder should belong to.

Because of the nature of the market, hardly can you thrive well in the market as an investor if you remain in isolation.


I need contact of Finmal Securities
Please send me the recent contact address of Finmal Securities ltd. The letter I sent to their Lagos office was returned undelivered. (Blaise Okechukwu)

Investors Forum
Write to the Head office of the company, i.e. Finmal Finance Services, 3rd Floor Millennium Builders Plaza, Plot 251 Herbert Macaulay Way, Central Area, Abuja, Nigeria. Tel: +234 802 3134437; +234 806 8039820; +234 805 5145164; +234 803 7179791

I need contact of Forte Oil registrar
Sir I want to know where the address of the registrar of former AP now Forte Oil is and my total unclaimed dividend. (Adewara Olusegun Olayinka)

Investors Forum
The registrar is Zenith Registrars Limited and it is located at Plot 89 Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island Extension, Lagos. Tel: 234-1-2708930-4. E-mail: [email protected]

I want to invest N500, 000
Sir I am a final year student of a polytechnic. I have N500, 000, and I want to invest the money, but I don’t know what to invest the money in.

Investors Forum
You need to decide how long you want to invest the money. If it is money you would need within the next one year, you can invest in treasury bills. But if you would not need the money for more than one year or two years, we advise you invest in the shares of a blue chip company. Contact your bank for treasury, and a stockbroker for investment in shares.

I have been shortchanged by Transcorp
I have been shortchanged by Transcorp. My actual number of shares in the company is 213,000 units, and this is what was reflected in my account with my stockbroker, Cashcraft Asset Management. But Trascorp sent me right issue document in 2013, which claimed that my shareholding is 110,000 units, and that the right share due to me was 55,000. (Abraham Ayigbe)

Investors Forum
It is advisable to complain formally to the registrar of Transcorp to clarify the issues. But, if you are not satisfied by their response, write a formal complaint to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and copy Investors Forum. The registrar is Africa Prudential Registrars Plc at 220B,  Ikorodu Road, Palmgrove, Lagos. You can call 01-8401153, 01-8931501,  and 01-4606460 or send message to [email protected]

No dividend, communication from AP
I bought 248 units of AP (now Forte Oil) shares. But since 2005, I have not received dividend or any communication (Mrs. Christie Ruppee)

Investors Forum
Please contact the registrar of Forte Oil. The company is Zenith Registrars Limited at Plot 89 Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island Extension, Lagos. Tel: 234-1-2708930-4. E-mail: [email protected]

How do I get electronic dividend
I am a shareholder of Skye Bank, Please how do I go about electronic dividend, so that future dividend can be paid directly into my account to avoid last year issue. (Babalola Oluyemi)

Investors Forum
Visit the registrar of Skye Bank (City Securities) to complete a form called e-dividend mandate. You will need to take the completed form to your bank for what is called Bankers Confirmation. This confirms to the registrar that you are the owner of the account you are claiming as yours. The contact of City Securities is Primrose Tower, 2nd Floor, 17A Tinubu Street, Lagos. Tel: 234-1-2641298, 234-1-7924462.

No communication for Transcorp
I bought  10,000 units of transcorp’ shares for worth N75,000 during the company’s public offer. This was done through the then Intercontinental Bank Onitsha. Till date, I have not heard from the company. What should I do please? (Eze Gozie).

Investors Forum
Please contact the registrar of Transcorp. The company is Africa Prudential Registrars Plc at 220B,  Ikorodu Road, Palmgrove, Lagos. You can call 01-8401153, 01-8931501,  and 01-4606460 or send message to [email protected]

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