By Victor Gotevbe

Saidi is only 24 years and has a knack for philosophy. He also has a strong flair for writing and public speaking. Saidi is regarded by several young people as one making a visible difference in his community. The Nupe born youth who resides in Kaduna takes on a journey into his world of change making. Excerpts:

My humble background I was born on 27 March 1989 to Late Alh. Ahmed Enagi and Haj. Hauwa Ahmed. Before his death, he was Assistant-Comptroller of Customs at Onne Oil and Gas Free Zone, Port Harcourt River State. Due to the Paramilitary Structure of his ocupation, I attended different primary schools across Nigeria, Aunty Rose Schools, Delta State, Framer Schools, Zamfara, Yahya Abdulkarim Model Schools, Sokoto, Abubakar Gumi Schools, kaduna and later Supreme International College. Now a 300level Student of Abubakar Tafawa Belewa University, (ATBU) Bauchi. I am from a polygamous family. Barr. Moh’d Enagi is the eldest son. We have 3 graduates and 5 undergraduates in the family and we live in Kaduna.


My passion
My greatest passion has been reading, writing and leadership. I got use to reading books in my tender age ranging from Classic on Political Philosophy, Psychology and Economic Theory. As a matter of fact, Moh’d Ibn Katamba , a Political Scientist introduced me to books on Philosophy. In my secondary school days, I already read the works of by Karl Marx, Bentham, Aquinas, Ibn Taimiya, Aristotle, Sun Tzu, karl Popper etc.

Recently, books like, The Global Future, by Kegley & Raymond, Poisoned Wells: The Dirty Politics of Africa Oil,by Nicholas Shaxson, The End of History, by Fukuyama, The Ethical Brain, by Gazzaniga, Usul-ul-Siyasat, by Ibn Fodiyo were   some of the works I read and have written personal philosophical conceptualizations on them. I started writing early, I have published dozen of articles in the Desert Herald Newspaper. I have also deliver papers in national and international conferences, most recent is, ‘Dialogue with Reality: A Neo-Classical Observation on the Economic Interdependence among Third World Nations”.

I found myself leading right from primary school; I was the Class Monitor throughout and later Head boy. In secondary school, I was Health Prefect and Amir (Governor) Muslim Student Society. President and Member of Parliament at the Student Union Circle in ATBU Bauchi and Niger State. All these positions are from God even though I am human.

I have empowered those around me by adding value to their personality. I have a lot of admirers from both sexes.So, what I do is to teach and inculcate in those within my reach the type of character they saw and admire in me. I learnt that from my father and got the strategy from John Maxwell’s books on , ‘The 360 Leader and ‘To Be a People Person’.

Living in the North as an average youth
It is a blend of joy and trepidation. A kind of life that resembles moment in d ancient fissiparous city-state of the Persian Gulf. A cascade of event that requires an appreciation of the impact of yesterday’s event on today’s realities and how current ideas and practices may shape tomorrow. Poverty and illiteracy are eating into the socio-economic and intellectual fabric of the youth. We need entrepreneurship, re-education and social engineering. Youth in the north are energetic, insightful, innovative and law-abiding but they are not motivated; the platforms for change are under influence of the iron law of Oligarchy. If entrepreneurship and education can be addressed, the security regime will be rectified.

The next five years
Wow! In the next five years, if alive and healthy, I want to see myself in an organization whose philosophy and core values are geared towards ending poverty and hunger, toward crafting policies that will improve the political well-being of mankind. I want to see myself in a world where my voice and ideas are part of the catalyst that actualize a dream for a people and nation irrespective of tribe, race, geography or creed. I want to be a global citizen and a pride to my country, Nigeria.

My current works
So far, I have 3 unpublished books, the time is limited for me to discuss in totality the nature of projects I designed in the books. They are about human resources development, job creation, national food security, youth empowerment, Oil and Gas. If I have the support of Niger State Government under the Chief Servant, Dr. Muazu Aliyu or any organisation, those projects will be extracted and harnessed for the development of Nigeria.

My words for Nigerian youth
If there is fear of God in our mind and life, the sky will be our limit. God is pure and omnipotent. It is there in all the scriptures. A friend (Aisha Ibrahim Tahir), the granddaughter of late Dr. Ibrahim Tahir will advice me that fear of God is the gateway to freedom. It is also important for each of us to have role models; youth should have someone they admire in the society.

For me, my role models include, All the Prophets of Allah ( Mohamed, Jesus, Moses, Ibrahim etc), Sir, Tafawa Balewa, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Justice Abdulmumini Enagi (uncle), Late Dr. Ibrahim Tahir (Talban Bauchi), Chuba Okadigbo, Prof. Jeffrey Sachs, Prof.   Ibrahim Gambari, Dr. Adesina Adewumi, Mrs. Zainab Shamsuna Ahmed, Dr. Muazu Aliyu (Talban Minna), Dr. Obadiah Mailafiya and Sheik Usman Dahiru Bauchi. Youth should also read, reading liberated my mind and thinking power.

The hope I have for Nigeria is far greater in effect than the hope President Obama has for America and the unique hope Mahatma Gandhi has for India. If you look deep into my words: The answer lies within!


Mind Foundation – Portharcourt, Rivers State

MIND Foundation, a not-for-profit organization based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, recently held a 1-week Leadership Holiday Camp for students from resource-poor schools and other economically disadvantaged communities in Rivers State.

The program tagged ‘Inspired to Lead’ was born out of the desire to educate, empower and inspire Nigerian children and youth to become leaders who would be agents of change in their respective communities irrespective of their age or economic background. Through inspiring workshops in Leadership, ICT, Creative Skills, Entrepreneurship and Sports, students were taught timeless leadership principles and life skills to develop self-confidence and make informed decisions about their future.YOUNG-YOUTH

2013 Leadership Holiday Camp held from the 29th of July to 2nd of August, 2013 and was attended by 130 students from Community Secondary Schools in Rivers State namely Igwurutta, Aluu, Rumukwurushe, Nkpolu, Oroworukwo, Amadi-Ama and Abuloma communities respectively. Participants were provided with free bus shuttle, camp kits, project materials, meals and other resources which were provided at no cost to their parents.

According to the Executive Director, Ms. Olere Iluebbey, MIND Foundation is passionate about creating opportunities for disadvantaged children to gain the knowledge and skills that would enable them rise above their challenges and compete favourably with their peers from privileged backgrounds. She also said that the Leadership Holiday Camp had provided these students with the tools to turn their ideas into action; we look forward to seeing them contribute meaningfully to their communities, neighbourhoods and respective schools.

Since 2007, MIND Foundation has been offering expanded learning programs to students of resource-poor schools and economically disadvantaged communities in Nigeria, using a 3-prong approach that develops knowledge and skills in ICT, Leadership and Vocational training. The Leadership Holiday Camp is one of MIND Foundation’s enriched learning programs for disadvantaged children and youth and it holds annually during the long holidays.


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