August 13, 2013

Phase3 Telecom links Main One on connectivity edge

MAIN One and Phase3 Telecom have created a unique connectivity edge that gives the education, banking, security, and government sectors as well as other organizations in Oyo state enhanced broadband access.

Their Broadband Expansion Project officially commenced early this year and is stretching out to different parts of Nigeria. Both companies recently kicked off an awareness campaign in Ibadan where they both emphasized the importance of their unique Fibre Optic networks.

Phase3 Telecom has in recent times been emphasizing the Open Access Network as a model that would help enhance reliable and affordable high speed broadband connectivity and has taken steps under a private sector framework to support Main One in achieving this.

“Fibre Optic Broadband helps small businesses expand and thrive and it will help to create more jobs – directly and indirectly – and boost the nation’s economy as a whole.

This awareness creation event aims at providing a better approach to business growth in the South-West.

Through greater customer intimacy and insight, we find ways to better meet the unique needs of Nigerian businessmen. Phase3 Telecom’s Fibre Optic Network infrastructure enables a unique Open Access Model for improved broadband delivery in the country.” stated Otuya Okecha, who spoke at the Ibadan awareness creation event.

As a major step towards making robust and reliable broadband capacities available to businesses in the South-West, Main One, in partnership with Phase3 Telecom, has commenced provision of Open Access Broadband Services in the South-West region of Nigeria.