LEKKI Wives is a drama series written, produced, and directed by Blessing Effiom Egbe. She has amazingly carved a niche for herself in the crowded Nigerian movie industry. The sensational actress cum model who is a theatre arts graduate is a breath of fresh air in Nollywood setting out to push the envelope in her movie productions. Her movie’ Two Brides and a Baby’ got twelve nominations from the revered Nollywood awards The Best Of Nollywood(B.O.N)

A few minutes spent watching her new flick Lekki Wives and I got stuck by the freshness and technical appropriateness of the story. Starring the likes of Adaora Ukoh-Miranda, Keira Hewatch-Peace,Katherine Obiang-Uju,Kiki Omeli-Loveth, and Chinonso Young-Cleopatra. Lekki is a high brow location in Lagos synonymous with wealth, power, and ostentatious lifestyles. Everything seems picture perfect for the Lekki wives on the outside, but behind the glitter and glamour they parade, is stench and the struggle to live life on their own terms.

It’s certainly a thrill to see Uju(Catherine Obiang), the renowned on air personality come alive in the interpretation of her role. Uju is the odd one, the fish out of water amongst the Lekki wives .She is desperate to keep up with the joneses and lead a successful life. Even though she acquires all the trappings of a Lekki babe, her fake lifestyle and quirkiness came to the open. Miranda is the loud mouth amongst them. Despite the near flawless lifestyle she pretends to live, she has a troubled home front. Her husband is crippled and her sexuality is questionable, as she derives pleasure and is sexually attracted to other women.

She becomes the gateway from her family’s squalor and poverty. Cleopatra is being sold out by her parents to a 72 years old Otunba whose wealth leads them out of poverty. Her union is bereft of love and care, and she decides to get the love and affection she desires in the waiting arms of her lover(the dude she is supposed to get married to).She dares to bring him to her husband’s house claiming he is her cousin.

Loveth’s quest for material acquisition led her to sleeping with her landlord, destroying her marriage, and having an affair with her friend’s husband. On the other hand, Peace is the born again, bible quoting wife who doesn’t pay attention to her husband’s sexual needs. This made him an easy prey for Loveth.

The themes of infidelity, hypocrisy, distrust, and hatred are being amplified in this drama series. Aside from the noticeable characterization and continuity flaws, this production manages to be exceptional in its delivery and depth.

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