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Exposure Robotics boosts knowledge application in students’ learning


Exposure Robotics Academy (XRA), previously known as the Exposure Robotics League (XRL), officially launched for its second year at the Grange School in Ikeja, Lagos.

45 students are attending this year and are being taught by five talented instructors from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US and three talented teaching assistants from Columbia University and the University of Ibadan. Students have flown from different corners of Nigeria to participate in this enriching, five-week program.

This year, there are 45 students representing 14 different states across Nigeria. These are some of the brightest young minds in Nigeria, regardless of socioeconomic status. Their experience have been fully sponsored through partnerships with companies such as Shell Oil PLC, Katchey Company LTD, and Interswitch LTD. Relationships with other companies such as Schlumberger Nigeria LTD have helped further bolster the experience of the students.

Through XRL, students are learning how to apply their knowledge of robotics to solve problems in their environments. “This program is a stepping stone for my career as a mechanical engineer,” said one of the students. “With the advent of robots in our modern day industries, especially in the engineering sector, it would give me a preliminary concept about robots.” The students are already fully immersed in the program and after one week, they have demonstrated immense improvement.

According to the students, the program has been entertaining, educative and also enlightening.

There will be a festive grand finale to conclude the five week program on August 17th, 2013. The students will compete against one another in one more final bout and demonstrate the skills they have acquired through the program. Some of them have gone from never having used a computer to writing code.


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