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Enugu 2015: Senators’ fears

POLITICS, as they say, is a game of intrigues. It is also a game reputed for throwing up superstars who readily distinguish themselves in the service of man and humanity.

Conversely, it brings forth gangsters who employ all manners of unholy acts to survive in the slippery terrain of politics. For the latter, they often go to unimaginable levels to achieve their evil mission. They blackmail, cajole and kill, if need be.

Of late, we have begun to see such demonstration of monstrosity in the politics of Enugu State and Enugu East Senatorial District in particular. It started first between the state Governor, Sullivan Chime and the deputy Senate president, Ike Ekweremadu. Chime said the next governor of the state ought to come from Nsukka area in line with the zoning principle of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.
Ekweremadu objected and told the press that there was no zoning arrangement in the state.

The reactions that trailed their disagreement were as varied as they exposed the irresistible lust for power. While Chime was bent on keeping faith with the promise he made that power would rotate to Enugu North Senatorial District in the interest of equity, fairness and justice, the other was fuelled by the attractions of power. At last, good reason prevailed and the Enugu State PDP caucus finally endorsed the governor’s position that an Nsukka man would be at the helm of affairs come 2015. There have been inaudible murmuring from some quarters but as always in democracy, the majority carried the day.

But if the governor has been lucky that his proposition sailed through, his chief of staff, Mrs. Ifeoma Nwobodo, has not been that fortunate. Since that caucus meeting where Chime also reminded elected officers of an agreement that those who had done more than one term would have to give way, Mrs. Nwobodo has been lampooned from an obvious quarter. Here in Enugu, it is no secret that Senator Gil Nnaji who represents Enugu East in the Senate, harbours the fear that Chime’s chief of staff is interested in his seat.

Yet, neither he nor any other person has proof to back their suspicion.

Only last week, Mrs. Nwobodo was the target of two vitriolic stories in Thisday Newspapers. The publication was meant to achieve nothing but smear the woman and present her as one power hungry aide who would bring down anybody on her way.
The two reports went to some ridiculous extent to concoct lies and distort facts, including crediting her with the sack of commissioners and other officers of state. Nothing could be more laughable.

It was even more amusing reading last Tuesday’s fiction where the aide to one of the senators tried to conceal his identity by writing with a pen name. I do not know or care if Mrs. Nwobodo is interested in contesting elections in 2015. She has every right to so aspire. It is simply up to the people to choose between her, Senator Gil Nnaji and other people who, surely, will seek to represent Nkanu land at the National Assembly.

My concern is that the unnecessary bickering and attacks are capable of distracting Governor Chime from the good work he has been doing in Enugu State. Those of us from the state or who live here always boast about how befitting the Coal City has become under his charge. That is why we cannot keep quiet when some politicians try to distract the governor and his team.

My advice to Nwobodo is that she should ignore these sponsored articles in the media. She has done well not to respond. She should continue to play her role in the government, knowing that as a public officer, she is always in the eye of the public. I doubt if she has had the last of such secret conspiracies and sponsored stories in the media.

The difference is that no matter how hard people try to fabricate lies, truth and falsehood have no meeting point.

Ogbonna Ede contributed this piece from Enugu


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