August 10, 2013

Anuoluwapo stepping out to rule

Anuoluwapo  stepping out to rule


Though a starlet, but watching her perform, you will be wooed not just by her stunning beauty and brainy demur but by her electrifying presence and gripping stage craft that speaks volumes of her artistry.

The fact that she was able to hold her own on stage performing alongside great artistes like American Jay King and Club Noveau – world class acknowledged R&B crooner; and of course, our rising star, Iyanya, at recent concerts organised by Motherland Beckons at La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, showed the level of her maturity within such a short period of her career.



The world is at her feet and, Anuoluwapo Samantha Ozigbu, a sensational singer, dancer and entertainer, who prefers to go by the stage name of Anu, makes no pretence about her willingness to conquer this world with her sonorous and velvety voice, dancing prowess and entertaining mix.

Born in Florence, Italy to a mixed parentage, Anu said, she wants to be judged not by her beauty but by her creative impetus and artistry. “In future, I see myself been respected for my ability to perform, my creativity as a song writer, singer, dancer and entertainer.

“I see myself later in life as a role model because it comes with the job. And I pray and hope that I will be good at it”, she said.

According to Anu, she has passion for giving back to the society . She said “I also want to continue with my project, of empowering the physically challenged. I hope I can get the support I need,” she said.

For her, the entertainment industry in Nigeria has come a long way with Nigeria producing a lot of musical and entertaining icons with hit performances. The marketing, promotion and technology, she said, have also grown and that the possibilities for the industry is limitless if properly harnessed.

“I am happy that I am associated with it at this time and hopefully, will contribute my bit to its development,” Anu said.

She promised her teaming fans a song that will touch their emotions any time, a good love and romantic songs and also, a dance hall music that will be every DJ’s favourite.