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August 7, 2013

ANNID moves to integrate Nigerians abroad

ANNID moves to integrate Nigerians abroad

Abike Dabiri

By Vera Samuel  Anyagafu

IN a bid to effectively address the challenges Nigerians encounter while residing in foreign countries, a non governmental organisation, NGO, known as All Nigerian Nationals In The Diaspora, ANNID, has been established.

The NGO with the primary mission of assisting the Federal Government to achieve sustainable development through various programmes is relentless in its efforts to ensure that Nigeria transforms from brain drain to brain gain.

Established in Houston Texas, ANNID is interested in the welfare of all classes of Nigerians in various countries abroad, including the elite, middle class as well as those at the grassroot, assisting them to galvanize their skills and expertise in all spheres of transformation that are needed both at home, and foreign abode.

This also is to ensure that Nigeria attains the position of one of the 21st century emerging economies.

With the objectives of providing Nigerians in the diaspora with information and resource centres for diaspora and investors, mobilizing Nigerians in the diaspora to facilitate and accelerate continued growth and dispora institution that would effectively concluded Diaspora week, 2013.

ANNID is also interested in matters relating to overseas Nigerians, which comprises persons of Nigerian origins (PNOs), overseas citizens of Nigeria (OCNs), non-resident Nigerians (NRNs) and overseas Nigerians who are not PNOs, OCNs or NRNs.

In other words, Nigerians who are intending to migrate to choice countries abroad should endeavour to associate themselves with the All Nigerian Nationals In the Diaspora organization, so as to register their presence in countries they have migrated to for onward integration with fellow compatriots in pursuit of ideas that would facilitate continued transformation in all areas of national development.

Nigerians in the Diaspora day: At the event of the sixth anniversary celebration of Nigerians in Diaspora, the Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Diaspora, Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa noted that Nigeria has some of her brightest in various countries across the universe. She said that despite the sad news that some of them are languishing in various prisons across the world, majority of them are well behaved and contributed more to development of their host communities.

According to Dabiri-Erewa: “Our brothers and sister in diaspora are some of the best you can find anywhere in the world. Yes, there are those that are in prisons but there are more who are doing brilliantly in many areas in the world and we would be glad to have some of these NGO’s integrate strongly for progression. To be honest, we do not even have the data of Nigerians in the Diaspora.”

In a similar development, President Goodluck Jonathan, in his keynote address presented by Vice President Namadi Sambo, assured Nigerians who were in the country for the sixth Diaspora Day celebrations, tagged ‘Diaspora Nigerians: Agents of Investment and Development’, of his administration’s commitment in ensuring that each and every Nigerian in various countries abroad become part of the developmental processes in Nigeria.

He further urged them not to relent in their efforts to make valuable contributions toward national development.

He said: “Like most developing countries in the world, Nigeria must leverage on the huge human capital of our nationals living abroad to impact on the development process at home. Our ultimate goal is to engage Nigerians with the requisite knowledge expertise and financial acumen to join in the development of the Nigerian state irrespective of countries of abode.”