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Lift up others to rise up

By Denrele Animasaun

“There is no greater calling than to serve your fellow men. There is no greater contribution than to help the weak. There is no greater satisfaction than to have done it well.”-Walter Reuther

As you know, I am a reverent supporter of the dynamic Ogbeni Aregbesola. I  cannot  say it enough and no, am not from Osun State nor have I got any ulterior motive other than a healthy admiration of the dynamism of the esteemed governor and his administration for the grand work they have done in turning round the fortune and the strength of the state.

Good news is hard to come by in Nigeria and, it is important that others follow in the footstep  of  this success. On the contrary, the disgruntled always want to sabotage when something works in Nigeria. I can understand why now; when others are doing good it really puts the rotten eggs to shame and all they want to do is to tear down the good work. Not anymore. The good shoot has taken roots and it is  going to go from strength to strength despite the distraction and sabotage.

Nigeria and Nigerians deserve better and no, we don’t all believe that there is no redemption for the Nigerian. There will be if we all do our  bit to ensure that our leaders know that we deserve  better. There is no point saying it can’t be done when we now know that it can. So it’s about time the electorate wise up and vote with their conscience and if they are not getting an improvement in their respective government, vote with your feet and drop the dead weight.

Opon Imo
Opon Imo

O, Nigeria is moving and about time too. Governor Aregbesola in one of his speeches said that one of the fundamental problems facing Nigeria is that there are flaws in the process through which leaders come to occupy political offices and that we have to elect credible people into various elective positions for a better Nigeria. How astute!

I  cannot  agree more, the nation lacks effective leadership and good governance, without a better education and moral backbone we will struggle to get Nigeria working.

Aregbesola, has paved the way to get his corner of Nigeria working. I  like the Ogbeni’s style.  Imagine the “Ogbeni till day break” makes himself accessible to all and anyone could call in and ask questions on pertinent concerns or issues, this renders the “Oga  at the top “ red tape malaise that stalls Nigeria’s progress.

What he has done is to rebuild from ground zero, a better and stronger foundation by investing  in  the young.  Yes, from the bottom up (pardon the pun) 252,793 public primary children were de-wormed in 30 local governments. This was a collaborative work between the state and Chi Pharmaceuticals in Lagos.

Yes, I hope other states are taking note. Not a foreign company nor was there a massive loan or hand-outs. The  good  governor knows  that  health  is crucial to the development of the young and it will invariably impact on the educational outcomes as well ensuring the legacy of Osun School Meal Programme (O’MEAL) and the digital e-learning device (Opon Imo) is miles ahead of the other states .

The ingenuity lies in the way the  state uses local resources and local manpower thus enriching and improving the  quality of  life of its citizens. 15,000 whole chickens are sourced weekly from local poultry farmers; 254,000 eggs sourced weekly,5 heads of cattle purchased weekly from local cattle farmers and 400 tonnes of catfish purchased weekly from local fish farmers. Redistribution of  wealth that is what Ogbeni has socially  engineered!

The state’s feeding programme provided free school meals in all public schools; with better nutrition you get better performing, better educated students. What  he  has also achieved is an increase in school  enrolment. More than 3,000 women in the state have also been empowered to serve as the food vendors. The vendors are given assistance to procure modern cooking utensils at the cost of N152 million to the state government. That is  definitely  a  win -win formula.

Osun State is leading  most states in the quality  of education and  development of healthy citizens in years to come. The investment is truly awesome.

Setting the pace- Ajimobi style
“You will rise by lifting others.”-Robert G. Ingersoll

The last time I was in Ibadan, was  when I  went to visit my maternal grandmother who lived at Ring Road, some 26 years ago! I have fond memories of Ibadan, it is my mother’s ancestral home. For me it has always been home. What I remember most of Ibadan was its quieter and quaint quality of  the  place. The buildings mostly well lived  in with its rusted corrugated roofs dotted all around as  far as the  eye  can  see.

So I  have  always  felt  it  was a town that  time  forgot,until  now. So there  seem to  be a resurgence and renewed  buzz  that  Oyo State has arisen and good  things  are  happening  up and  down the state. The Governor in 2011 said that ”the journey to restoration has begun to restore efficient infrastructure in place of the year-long decay”. He had a herculean task on his hands!

He did promise”to restore the faith of the people in government, as against the regime of widespread scepticism and fright in the institution of government”. It seems that people’s trust and belief is  paying  dividend as improvement is taking ground and more work in the pipeline are afoot.

The state has a brand new overhead  bridge  in Mokola  first major construction  in over 30years!  He has made strides in the  pedo- ambulances, health programme at Ijeru Baptist Primary School premises, Ogbomoso,Are Onireke, Mokola, challenge, Aleshinloye, Beere, Taki Ogbomoso, Owode Oyo, Saki and Iseyin too

FG projects, Oyo/Oke Ogun express, Ibarapa road and  upgraded satellite Polytechnic and Eruwa. With his  political pedigree much is  expected from Ajimobi and he  seems to  be  delivering on his promise to  the people of  Oyo State.

Oyo State is working and his administration has gone to some length to make it so. He  has  promised  to  deal  with the welfare  of the  people  and make  healthcare  a  priority  as  well as  the upgrading of 1.2km long service roads and intersections, beautification of roundabout and space under the flyover, construction of new water mains, street lighting and the payment of compensation to the numerous property owners whose properties in this commercial centre of the city were affected.

Ramadan Kareem!
“Every good act is charity. A man’s true wealth hereafter is the good that he does in this world to his fellows.” Prophet Mohammed (SAW) –

Ramadan Kareem to all my Muslim brothers and sisters! I pray that Allah answers all your supplications during this holy month of Ramadan. Don’t eat too much before sunrise eat instead “complex carbohydrates” or slow digesting foods should be consumed at sahur so that the food lasts longer (about eight hours) resulting in less hunger during the day.


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