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Turning the other way….

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By Denrele Animashaun

“The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people” – Martin Luther king, Jnr.

There are people that are not what they seem. Even when we have an inkling that something is not right, we remain tight lip and look the other way. We remain silent and pretend that everything is what it should be and beside, if why should we care when it does not affect us so why, should we rock the boat? This NIMBY(not in my backyard)attitude is not helpful at all. I believe good people should not let bad things happen.

I am talking about the recent baby making factory scandals. This is not the first time such scandal has been exposed and yet, here we are in 2013, right in full view of the community, a deplorable crime was been perpetuated and no one bats an eyelid. And this is not the first time a racket like this has been exposed.

We hear the madam behind this repugnant crime is at large, I do hope that when they find her, they hurl her before a good judge and hit her with the full weight of the law.

We had a similar scandal by a Kenyan evangelist, Gilbert Juma Deya, based in the UK in 2004. His organisation, Gilbert Deya Ministries, claimed that Deya is able to help infertile women to conceive through the power of prayer. Oh! They were full of it that their church was “the fastest growing ministries in the UK and worldwide.

Their unique selling point was this holy man can give infertile couples miracle babies. He got carried away as he boasted that his ministries performed this miracle “through the power of prayer and the Lord Jesus”. He says he has helped sterile women give birth. This should have been a red warning to right thinking people.

So he had one woman testify that she had three children in less than a year! I would have thought the woman would have submitted herself to science. And as always the women all had to travel to Kenya to give birth. It all came to light when his wife was arrested following a tip off and charged with stealing children. At close inspection of their Nairobi home, the police made a shocking discovery; they found ten children and none of these children had any genetic connection to the Deyas.

These nefarious couple were operating a scam; stealing babies in order to selling them to gullible and desperate people. You have thought that they should have asked how come they could have a baby and not be pregnant. But it seems no one ask; they just take as read.

So again, this week in a UK black newspaper front page another couple came up with miracle twins. This Nigerian born American-based couple took their five month twins to the embassy in preparation to travel back to the US. The children were born in Nigeria, where the “mother” had earlier given “birth” to the twins. Nothing wrong in that but what followed was that the couple could not provide documentation or antenatal evidence that the children were indeed theirs.

So when the DNA test was revealed either of the “parents” were biologically theirs as they had earlier claimed.

The couple were subsequently arrested and it transpired that the woman had been given traditional medicine that resulted in the birth of the twins (so they claimed). They did confirm that the birth did not come cheap; the twins came with a N1.8 million price tag paid to a woman operating from a traditional clinic, somewhere in Port Harcourt, River State.

The husband told the authorities that he was given herbs to develop his sperm count and the woman said that she also was given some herbs to make her pregnant. She was convinced that she was pregnant because she said she felt pregnant. She was told by the woman she called Mrs Okoro, not to go to the hospital because if she were to go to the hospital and she should have a scan they would not find the babies or she may miscarry.

So how gullible are these people that they bought the ruse hook, line and sinker. This I find so hard to believe. No one thinks of what becomes of these stolen or trafficking babies, and I am sure there are many of these children home and abroad. The psychological and emotion al damage to these children is immeasurable and there may be more who are experiencing emotional and physical abuse.

We know that the police have exposed another baby making factory in Imo State. Are there many more in these places in other neighbourhoods or how many people know women who suddenly come home with a new born with no prior signs of pregnancy? How and why do we look away and are so indifferent to what is going on around us?

We really need to be more community oriented, they say it takes a village to raise a child then, let us show more humanity and if something smells suspicious, looks suspicious, and by goodness sake, it is suspicious. Most important, for every child snatched or sold or worse there is a mother deprived of the joy of motherhood. How long do we shrug our shoulders and move on, bouncing from one despicable scandal to the next?

Response to: Oga, drop something….

Your above captioned write-up refers.

You ‘are not missing something’. YOU MISSED something. You were not around long enough to see the impunity build-up.

No, we don’t resign ourselves to fate. We should (start) continue the clean up process by making the police men/women have pride in their work/profession.

The IG started it “unknowingly” by removal of road blocks. Let’s take it further by “cleaning up” –

1.    The police men/women themselves (provide new uniforms & communication gadgets).

2. The police stations;- it should no more be (‘approved’???) garage for broken down vehicles.

3.  Re-introduce the “Barracks” system. Meanwhile, clean up existing ones.

4. (I knowing put this last) Change entry requirement for recruitment but it MUST include passing Physical + Hygiene examinations.

How can we expect ‘clean’ behaviour from people who have become so dirty? Regards, Alh Musah Ali.

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