By Laju Arenyeka

‘Ego anaghi egote nwa’ is a popular saying among the Igbos. In English it means: “Money cannot buy children.” The foundation of this maxim was however, shaken recently when the police discovered a baby making factory in Umuaka community of Imo State.

Under the guise of running an orphanage, some unscrupulous individuals had held pregnant teenage girls hostage until they delivered their babies, with some of them allegedly binging the pregnancy from their homes. One of the victims who spoke to Channels Television revealed that all the occupants of the home were already pregnant before they were taken into the home. The girls were promised between N50,000 to N350,000 for a baby boy and N20,000 to N320,000 for a girl.

However, the victims were barred from leaving the premises until their delivery. Perhaps, ‘Ego egote nwa.’ Because, some things just don’t add up.   Why were these pregnant women  not reported missing? A large number of pregnant women missing, and nobody noticed? Another issue is whether it is possible to hold people hostage and promise them money at the same time.

And what on earth the babies where being used for? Well, better to discover living breathing pregnant women than to have bodies of full grown men turn up on the shores of a river right?

A Prince for Princess

I got teary eyed at Comedienne Princess’ wedding. Clad in dreamy blue and bridal blush, she looked happy.

But I can’t really tell you what else happened because there’s a limit to how much a person can see staring at a picture…yep…I gate crashed her wedding via Bella naija. But at least one part of the first statement is true, I got teary eyed. Princess Dammy and her Yoruba movie producer/director beau Adeshola Jeremiah tied the knot  recently at the Balmoral Hall, Oregun, Lagos. Listen to what she said about him: “I love everything about him and he is very understanding.

He understands the essence of us being on earth which is just to worship God and he is God fearing.

That’s the first thing I noticed about him and I was even surprised. He saw me when I went for their program in Odunfa Cancus (A Yoruba Theatre Group). I went because of a friend of mine Latifat. Sometime later he told my friend that he wanted to marry me.” Happy married life to Princess and her Prince!


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