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Okorugbo proffers solution to Boko Haram crisis


A MOTIVATIONAL speaker Mr. Peter Okorugbo, has said the current efforts at finding a solution to the Boko Haram insurgency will remain a mirage except the religious undertone of the crisis is addressed.

He said the solution to the crisis would be found in a recently published book titled CROSSROADS: The Paradox of The War Against Terrorism; A Legal War Against Legal (Seeming) Faiths.

Okorugbo, who spoke in Lagos, said: “We therefore urge the Nigerian Government and people to champion this divine prophetic initiative to the world for global peace and the overall development of our nation, Africa and the world.”

“By so doing, Nigeria shall take her rightful place in the divine scheme and turning-point in the history of the world and be exporting the new set of ethics and values to other parts of the world.

‘’On the other hand, no owner of the civil mandate (government) will stand by and see their responsibility being eroded by lawlessness. Governments are driven to act appropriately.”

in other to check and possibly alleviate the impact of the religious conundrum but, require the compliment of the spiritual mandate. The ongoing war against terrorism is only palliative. The cycle will continue endlessly until the appropriate divine.


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