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Luxury, innovations interplay at Lagos Motor show

Beyond the ‘truck war’, this year’s Lagos Motor show will showcase the latest innovations in the luxury car segment as major luxury car makers have lined up their latest arrivals for the Lagos Motor show.

Vanguard Motoring investigations revealed that luxury car makers  are excited by the venue of this year’s show, the Federal Palace Hotel which is a five star hotel on the Lagos Island.

Already confirmed for the show are Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Skoda, Toyota, Kia, Honda,  Jeep, Chevrolet, Ssamgyong and Suzuki.

Most of the automobile franchise holders who spoke to Vanguard Motoring expressed the view that the Federal Palace Hotel venue of the event is the right place to display their products, given the fact that most of their customers reside and work around the area.

“The organisers knew the importance of venue to an event like this and I think that is why they picked a venue like Federal Palace Hotel where quality customers stroll in from time to time.

From all indications, Porsche would use the event to show Nigerians why they are the leader in luxury sports car production. The Lagos Motor show will be Porsche first major show since  it started business in Nigeria barely a year ago.

Porsche has an array of exciting models such as the 911 Boxer, Cayenne sport utility vehicle, Panamera, etc. But the main attraction from Porsche at this year’s show will be the Panamera Platinum  limited edition which entered the Nigerian market few weeks ago. Panemera personifies luxury and sportiness.

Also expected to draw visitors to the show are the Audi and Volkswagen models. The Audi models such as Q7, Q5, A4, A6 and A8  have been dominating their segments around the world. Volkswagen models like the Jetta, Passat,  Taureg which recently under-went facelight will be the cars to watch out for at the show.

The motor show too would provide visitors the opportunity to see the latest innovations from Skoda, a brand that has witnessed serious transformation in the last decade.  Skoda models have become world class and compares favourably with even Volkswagen models.

Also Korean model, the Kia and Hyundai models have gradually moved into the luxury car segment. The all new Hyundai Genesis, Azera and a host of Hyundai sibling would prove how the Korean automaker have changed from a budget brand, to world-class brands But the real surprise at the shows will be the all-new Kia Quoris.

Kias luxury car of the millennium. The car is a masterpiece and head-turning. Kia will be showcasing other models like the Optima, Rio, Cerato, Mohave,  Sorento, Picanto etc. It is believed that Kia has much to show Nigerians with its array of new products in the last two years.

The Japanese are not left out too. Leading Japanese brands, Toyota and Honda are ready to prove their ranking at the Lagos Motor show. Toyota’s latest arrivals, the RAV4, Fortuner, Camry,  Avensis  and Corolla will be paraded alongside Land Cruiser estate and  Prado, Avanza, Hilux, Hiace, Coaster etc.

For Honda, the all-new CR-V, and Accord will lead the Civic, Pilot, Odyssey to the show. Honda models in the last decade have transformed to near luxury models.

As usual, it is expected that Weststar Associates, representatives of Mercedes Benz and Jeep brands in Nigeria will steal the show with their array of models. At the last Abuja Motor show, the German automakers outshone all with its trendy models. It’s joker this year will be new E-class which is making waves all over Europe and America. Mercedes line up include its range of Saloon and Sport Utility vehicles like the M-Class, G-Class, E-Class, B-Class and A-Class.

The Jeep brand which was reintroduced over a year ago is beginning to take its place in the Nigerian market. Jeep models like the Grand Chevroke and Patroit.


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