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From prison, I became a human rights activist – Victor Fakunle

is story can be said to be one of the rare stories ever heard. He rose from the walls of prison to become the executive director of Human Right Foundation, an organization that ensures legal attention are given to inmates without violating their rights as inmates.

The Ekiti State born graduate of Psychology, with a minor in International Relations,  a Certificate in International Human Rights and an MBA from Webster University St Louis, Missouri, USA, Victor Adeolu Fakunle, in this interview with SATURDAY VANGUARD, shares his personal life experiences, journey to fame and his NGO concept. Excerpts.

My upbringing

My state of origin is Ekiti State but I grew up in Lagos and the United States. I was raised within the boroughs of Victoria Island. My father is a retired military officer while my mother is a retired civil servant.

Fakunle...I love people who speak straight and dislike hypocrisy.
Fakunle…I love people who speak straight and dislike hypocrisy.

Challenges I faced while growing up

Growing up as child was tough. I was the first son and the expectation to be something in the line of a doctor or an engineer was high. However, I loved doing business and striking deals. Nevertheless, I followed the path my parents desired for me. I became very rebellious and was drawn to the street life. These got me into trouble and eventually got me into prison during my early adolescence. Along the line, I gave my life to Christ. And as the Bible teaches me, all things work together for good to them that love God. Hence, after a long time of  being a dropout, I went back to school.

 My philosophy about life

Personally, I don’t like people complaining about something when they can do something about it, even the mundane things like asking a lady for a date. My life philosophy is basically to always go for it. The worse anyone can say to you is NO and that is not the end of the world. The Bible also teaches me not to be afraid of men because the worse they can can ever do is to kill the flesh, but nobody can destroy my soul except the Creator himself. Hence, who cares what people think? All I can do is to love others and enjoy life.

My Human Rights Foundation

Human Rights Foundation, Nigeria (HRF) is a registered charity organisation that advocates for the rights of prisoners, ex-offenders and other disadvantaged people affected by the criminal justice system regardless of class, religion or societal status. HRF has been providing legal representation and training inmates since its inception in 2002. We strive to make a difference within a system devoid of the “Rule of Law”and a lack of value on human life.

My educational backexperience

I have a B.A in Psychology, a minor in International Relations, Certification in International Human Rights and an MBA from Webster University St Louis, Missouri, USA.

My likes and dislikes

I love people who speak straight and dislike hypocrisy. I love to eat pounded yam with vegetable soup. I also love staying around happy people.

 Pranks I played as a boy

A lot. Let’s just say my parents had a hard time keeping the car keys from me as a kid. I did a lot of pranks with those cars but would not want to give any young buck funny ideas. I don’t want to get my parents angry or to start calling me.

How I met my wife

I met my wife in Maryland, USA. Her sister and I were colleagues. One day, she came to see her sister but she was busy. Well, I decided to make myself available, and the story continues till date. I was 21years old when I met her.

What I love about her

She loves getting dolled-up. You don’t mess with her nails!

 My style of dressing

I’m not the kind of guy who cares so much about fashion. Personally, I don’t like putting on anything that everyone has. I love wearing suits without a tie. And I like to enjoy my freedom with large shirts and jean pants to go with a nice Timberland boots at weekends.

My  advice for the youths

We can only move forward from here. The power to deliver that justice is in the hands of the youths. Generations fought before us and the battle wages on. Nobody will hand you your freedom unless you fight for it. The decision is theirs!


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