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7 years ago, millions of viewers were glued to their television sets to view the inaugural Big Brother Nigeria Reality TV show for 91 days, wherein 12 contestants competed for One hundred thousand dollars. Katung emerged as winner of this collaboration between the Nigerian and South African Production teams, aired by DSTV.

After 7 years, Katung has had the privilege to work with several organizations, and is currently pursuing his passion for film making. Katung in his early 30s is still consistent with making a difference in the society. In this chat with Vanguard Youthful Vibes, he discloses what he has off his sleeves. Excerpt:

Please tell us about your background
I was born in Kaduna, and raised in Lagos. I went to school in Jos; I was exposed to a lot of art, music, television, film, the whole works. I loved to draw and paint too. These interests would later inspired almost every decision I made thereafter. I was involved in music and art of all sorts but wasn’t sure which one I was most passionate about. I didn’t ignore any of the gifts I had,but explored them all; and I encourage young people to do the same. Discover who you are by opening yourself to as many abilities as you can possibly contain because you will not always have those years of youth to experiment.

Katung Aduwak
Katung Aduwak

Film is what has brought all of my gifts together, as my love for writing has been directed at script writing, my love for drawing and paintings has been channelled into story boarding and composition, and my love for performances, acting and singing has evolved into wanting to create the best of talent delivery, hence my choice to be a director . I struggled most with finding myself and once I did, I moved on.

Would you say your works inspire other young Nigerians?
I can’t say I know specifically how my person and work have influenced other people, but I would hope that the teaming youth that have my attention are aware of the need for independent and creative thought and reasoning. I would also hope that they leave everywhere and everyone in a better state than they met them (or at least try to). I hope they strive for excellence and I hope they laugh, rest and thank God in every situation.

What are you currently working on and what social impact is it going to make?
I am currently working on a feature film titled HEAVEN’S HELL written by Tenyin Ikpe Etim, Uyai Ikpe Etim and I . It seeks to curb the excesses of violence and abuse especially towards women and children in our society. My team and I hope it will awaken the consciousness of as many in our society and help in fuelling the awareness against violence and abuse.

Do you have any last words for other young people who would like to follow your path?
I won’t call them last words, but here goes: “try your hands inasmuch as you can, it helps if you are on a quest to find your true self and when you find yourself and passion, commit to it, because that which you commit to, will in turn commit to you.”

What does success mean to you?
Success means the will to do more because you have tasted the rewards of hard work  and commitment.


Adenike Amaka Akintola, Lagos

Adenike Amaka Akintola is a passionate patriot, born in 1994. She is an undergraduate of English and Literary Studies at the Ekiti State University.

Adenike is the co-host of Youths Passion Initiative fora in Ajegunle and the Brand specialist for “Nyke-Diva Entreprise” whose products are mainly used with ANKARA fabrics. Some of them are used to produce note pad / books, bags, shoes, accessories and so on.

Akintola...displaying some of her products
Akintola…displaying some of her products

She says: “I started Nyke-Diva Enterprise because of my love for Nigeria, our culture and fashion. which has been promoting Nigeria’s culture since inception. I work on inspiring, informing and entertain people through my works displayed in my blog. I believe in a better world and desirous of a better government because nobody deserves to take your place except you.”

She also writes articles on several issues. Her creativity and versatility fuels her passion for  working towards becoming one of Nigeria’s best on-air personality creating impact in the fashion industry. She believes that her contribution to humanity will change the world. She is also a staunch lover of music which made her the 2nd runner up at “Surulere Swag”(Seriously Worshiping an Awesome God) talent hunt.

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