By Laju Arenyeka

It seemed like your regular night club video. There were a few differences though. The quality of light seemed too bright for it to have been shot at night. But you must have seen this scenario before. Exotic dance steps between a guy and a girl on the dance floor that makes you want to scream ‘get a room.’ Or you’ve been there, done that,  the-girl-in-front-guy-behind-syndrome rocking beyond the money of the music’s worth. Well in this Youtube video, the girl could dance, but my guy, he was just in it for the added benefits; the only music he was following was the curves right in front of him. It even had the cliché crowd who seemed to have nothing better to do than to watch and scream more to make up for their lack of sex-dancing prowess rather than in genuine interest.

So differences aside, it seemed like your regular steamy day time party video. What’s wrong with two adults having fun at a party? There was a striking difference though. Monsieur and Mademoiselle were between the ages of 5 and 7 years-and no, I didn’t miss a digit. I hear the video was shot in Jamaica or some other African country so I’m not too afraid to lash out at the dim-witted adults who were busy screaming and urging these kids on. But the fellow on the scene that has my head going bunkers is the genius behind the camera. The plans I have for him are almost as bad as the plans I have for that…that…human being who recorded an eight year old boy and a thirteen year old girl having sex in a shack in Warri. He or she was also intelligent enough to put it on Youtube. The fact that such a person was wise enough to operate such sophisticated equipment as the camera beats my imagination. Warri is quite close, so I shall keep my remaining thoughts to myself.

Nobody listens to the Parental Guidance signal before the start of a movie, and I don’t think music videos have them. Do we block our kids’ ears on their way to school to protect them from the street DJs’? Or censor the music they dance to at their friends’ parties? Or God forbid, seize their phones and mp3 players? Put masking tape over their mouths? These young koko masters and kokolettes are shaking their bum-bums on the way to school.

It would be too simple to imply that the heightened sexual involvement of today’s young person is tied to music alone. But it would also be pure deceit to deny that music does not play a part. I will call a truce for fear of scary messages on my twitter page.

Ask any youngster about his role model, and he is very likely to spew out the name of a musician, one in a million will pick a journalist. So artistes, this is me begging on behalf of all the children who attend parties. On behalf of all the parents who can’t afford ear plugs for their kids; Who are too softhearted to seize their children’s phones.

Nigerian children are now too used to good music, good music that you make, to entertain half baked notes that teach all the values in the world. Could you pretty please put together all the quality you are known for and make music that these children can listen to? Perhaps little by little, we could get rid of the night club videos shot in the nursery!


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