April 24, 2013

Eclampsia responsible for 80% maternal deaths in Nigeria – USAID

By Suzan Edeh
Bauchi – An NGO known as  The Target States High Impact Project,(TSHIP), a USAID  funded project has disclosed that  Eclampsia a condition that causes severe bleeding in women during child birth is a factor responsible for eighty percent  of maternal deaths in the country.

The TSHIP Deputy Chief of Party(DCOP) Maternal, Dr. Habib Sadauki made the disclosure Wednesday during a one day orientation organised by TSHIP and Northern Education Initiative,(NEI) for RATTAWU women committee on maternal newborn and child health/girl child education in Bauchi.

He said  Eclampsia is one of the major killer of fifty percent of women in child birth and can be prevented if it is treated on time.

According to him,“ Eclampsia is a condition that can be addressed if detected on time. Some of the ways in which the disease can be detected are findings in the urine and measurement of blood pressure during pregnancy.

When a pregnant women is infected with Eclampsia, she suffers from chest pain, convulsion, seizures and sees unseen images during pregnancy.

In such a state, all the multiorgans of the body such as the brain, lungs, liver and chest all brought under attack, but when the case is detected early enough, the pregnant woman is administered an injection called Magnesium Sulphate to make her regain consciousness during labour”.

Dr Habib who warned pregnant mothers against giving birth at home, advised that they should ensure that they attend regular antenatal service so as to forestall any occurrence of the disease.

“We want to warn pregnant women against giving birth at home because of cases of bleeding. When bleeding during child birth is not managed properly and timely, it could lead to the death of the woman involved and that is why pregnant women are advised to seek adequate antenatal services on time in order to prevent Eclampsia. If these conditions can be addressed, maternal deaths can be reduced by seventy percent”.He said.

The NGO Deputy Chief of Party also revealed Malaria and Aneamia are other causes of deaths in pregnant women because they reduce the immunity of a pregnant mother, thereby making her venerable to any attack.

He advised pregnant women to ensure that they sleep in treated mosquitoe nets and access medical treatment to combat malaria and stressed that they should get good nutrition in order to prevent aneamia conditions.