By Laju Areyenke

No doubt, Sunrise daily,Channels Television’s breakfast show was made even more popular by the My Oga at the topruckus. Many have had a good laugh about it, and quite a number have made a few bucks. However, doesn’t it occur to you that as a result, some ‘eminent’ personalities might think twice before appearing on TV?

Why become the joke of 300,000 hits on Youtube when you can simply say ‘no, thank you’ to an interview. Some others have chosen option B, preparedness. Imagine high ranking individuals doing all night studies, and using flash cards to remember the websites of their organizations to avoid Maope’s cultured voice or Chamberlain’s raised eyebrows.

There is another option however, that I find quite laughable. Did you notice that in the past few weeks, post-my oga at the top, some guests on the show were interviewed via satellite? Yep. They were tucked safely away in a different state of the Federation.

Absolutely wonderful! So if you’re not ready for an interview, just say that you’ll do it via satellite. That way, if you don’t know the answer to a question, you can simply pretend that the network is bad and you can’t hear. That’s all!

Were they April fooling us?

Did you read the papers at all on April 1st? Some headlines seemed like they had been waiting for April Fools’ before coming to pass. Like the Rihanna and Chris Brown thing. It was in some dailies that the duo had broken up…again! Meanwhile some other reports had it that they were planning to get married.

So we all know that there’s a joke here, but which one is it: “the break up, the marriage plans or the relationship?” There was another story that was fun to read. President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s Easter message to Nigerians, not Barrabas, I mean, Alamieseyegha; this message was about fixing infrastructure such as railways and roads, as well as stabilizing the power sector. Lol. Some jokes are just germane to election seasons and April Fools’ day. Don’t worry Mr. President. We already know the least you can do, and we’ll be sure to remember that when next you remove subsidy!

Why we love Omawunmi

Don’t we just love Omawunmi? “Waje is a better than I am” she said on Channels television last week, and our eyes shone in admiration for this singer who got her friend’s back. It wasn’t April first yet, so we believe she was telling the truth…or was she?


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