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Preserve Your Skin – or make it better

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By Morenike Taire

The world of beauty keeps coming up with different solutions for the preservation of your skin but the one thing that does not change is a woman’s quest for glowing skin. Tips will always be relevant.

Choose a cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type.

Your skin has its own unique needs and you know them better than anybody else. If it is prone to acne , look for benzoyl peroxide in your products. If you suffer from dull flaky skin, look for salicylic acid, for its cell renewing properties. If in doubt, consult an expert and cleanse twice a day.

Gently scrub

Beyond cleansing scrubbing in a necessity for smooth glowing skin. Look for one with fine granules or enzymes.

Two moisturizers

A good moisturizer will protect your skin and keep it from getting dry, sallow and lacklustre. Your first moisturizer should have a sunscreen SPF at least 15, while the night one should be SPF free and treat you’re your skin concern while you sleep_ acne, ageing, uneven skin tone, etc.

Besides safeguarding your skin against cancer, sunscreen can prevent hyperpigmentation.

Don’t sleep on you face

Sleeping on your face exaggerates fine lines and encourage irritation from hair product and soap residues on your pillowcase.

Have a facial every month

Yes, every month. A good professional will address any concerns and advise you on latest treatments for specific conditions

Do not smoke

Smoking releases some 1000 toxins into your skin, constricts blood vessels and deprives skin of the oxygen it needs to stay radiant and healthy.

*Tiwa Savage
*Tiwa Savage

Don’t yo-yo diet

Gaining or losing a good deal of weight puts unnecessary pressure on the skin’s elasticity  and over time, the skin will not just spring back in shape anymore.

The Age of Rebellion?

Nigerian Governors break the code of silence. Is this a sign of things to come?

The average Nigerian, whether of civil society or of government, does not know what to think of the present debacle between Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomole and the Nigerian police over the latter’s investigations on the gory assassination of an aide to the Governor, Olaitan Oyerinde, in what appeared to be a hatchet job which might have seen many more aides killed but for  good luck and inefficiency on the part of the perpetrators.

Unsolved murders involving members of the political class in elective positions have become no more the preserve of military juntas but may have come to stay in the advent of civilian rule. The list is endless: Chief Bola Ige, former Oyo State governor and erstwhile Minister for Power before the fatal violent attack on his person in his bedroom in Oyo State, was to be the first on a rather long list of unsolved political murders. This was of course before the Boko Haram sect obliterated class divides and unleashed their terror on all.

Oshiomole had sunk his teeth into the assassination affair in a manner only comparable to the gusto with which the late Gani had sunk his into the Dele Giwa letter bomb assassination, except with somewhat more success: Gani had been sued for defamation by the government officials he had accused of being perpetrators, and asked to pay 6million naira to the latter. Oshiomole is blessed, in this case, with more (circumstantial) ‘evidence’, an angrier, poorer set of Nigerians and a Federal Government pretending to be democratic.

And as the governor does, so does his followers, particularly those that had been fingered and punished for the assassinations. David Ugolor, executive director, African Network for    and social justice has publicly pronounded: “those who kill will be consumed by their weapon”, following Oshiomole himself’s declaration at a police event: “The police lied; the murder of Olaitan Oyerinde investigation is being covered by the police”

It is no surprise that the election of the Edo state governor was upheld by the election tribunal earlier in the year.

Oshiomole is not the only governor  that is no longer being nice, and not necessarily because of a    background in activism.

Ogun State governor Ibikunle Amosun, an accountant? Who had spend two terms in the senate under the ruling People Democratic Party before defecting to the Action Congress Nigeria and eventually becoming governor under that umbrella; is uncharacteristically vocal. Following the outbreak of fire explosions in Arepo,  a Lagos suburb which is in reality located in Ogun state under direct ‘jurisdiction’ of the governor.

For those eager to find one, Arepo presents a favourable metaphor for the battleground of the absurd that the country has become. It is the living proof that corruption will never make a truly prosperous man of its perpetrator, and that this fact is very unlikely to deter him. Literally hundreds have lost their lives and limbs to fire outbreaks involving burst pipelines. Yet, thousands more jostle to have a piece of the refined black gold running through the endangered

The biggest surprise by far of the good-boy-turned bad school has been Rivers State governor Rotimi Amaechi who dares to suggest that Olusegun Obasanjo, considered generally by friends and foes alike to be the most influential Nigerian of the political and military class, is somehow losing a great deal of his power. This is in no way helped by the persistent rumour that the blue eyed boy Mr. president is himself turning belligerent in his old age, and defying his good godfather.

It is a rather different situation from the early days, when former governor of Lagos State Bola Ahmed Tinubu was the lone recalcitrant of the pack. The governorship school had been then a rather docile one, which had looked in as two of the least popular in the pack were chosen to be presidential and vice presidential candidates respectively over other-and some would argue, more qualified- contenders

Head of the Governors’ Forum, Rivers State’s Rotimi Ameachi shocked even his hosts at the graduation ceremony Abdulsalami Abubakar Institute for Peace and Sustainable Development (AAIPSDS) in Minna.  He later said he had warned his hosts of the tendency for him to go the way he had with regard to his being more than usually forward with his speech. Yet former head of state Abdusalami  was clearly cringing in embarrassment as he unabashedly kicks the whole idea of creating more states. He was not very diplomatic, either, about his opinion of the nation’s (political) elite of which, hypothetically, he is part; accusing it of being responsible for “being responsible for the imbalances in the system for their selfish interest”.

Their attitude, he posits, “has created a lot of conflicts and crisis due to the series of demands they make on the nation, leading to imbalances in the system”.

“A shift of dominance of the elite in governance will correct the imbalance because the imbalance has created problems and crisis for this nation.”

Also at the same forum, notorious businessman and philanthropist Rochas Okorocha argued openly that rotation of leadership positions in the country should be between the rich and the poor. Rochas said rotation of power between or among regions or ethnic groups is an exploitative strategy of the rich to continue to dominate the poor and enrich themselves.

The Imo State Governor said that while there is apparent disunity in the country, the nation is actually united, which he said translates to the fact that the reasons for internal crisis in the country are turbulence of the stomach occasioned by poverty. He therefore called on the leaders of the nation at all levels to address what he called crisis of the stomach.

NGO changes concept on virgins

For a better public image and acceptance, an NGO- The Nigerian Virgin Girls (NVG) has changed from its former concept of “Celebrating Virgins” to what it now calls “Encouraging Virgins”.

The CEO and founder of the group in Nigeria , Princess Adediran Adunni made this known at the weekend during the wedding of her daughter-Barista Mojirayo Ogunlana with Mr Peter Nkanga at the Frankids Centre in FESTAC area of Lagos State .

According to Princess Adediran, under the new concept, the process of conducting virginity tests on the female virgins which were usually the practice in the past will not be done any longer. She said issues that have to do with virgins attract so much curiosity and therefore should be handled with utmost seriousness and carefulness too. “You see, we have decided to change the concept so that it will be more appealing to the people of Nigeria . Besides, some people are out to criticise any step and even to engage in character assassination. That is why we have decided to change the approach”, Princess Adediran pointed out.

Under the new focus, the leader of the NGO said the annual Miss Virginity Beauty Pageant will be continued while seminars, workshops and counselling programmes will equally be organised for the virgins at intervals within a year. This, she said will help the young virgins to be properly educated on how to live responsible and productive life in the society.

On how to detect the female virgins genuinely since there will no longer be the usual virginity test, she said “we will handle that; this time we will assess them through close talks and sometimes through interviews”.

She criticised the recent story reported in some national dailies concerning a fourteen-year-old pupil who was one of the victims of the virginity test that was allegedly conducted on pupils of Ajuwon Senior High School , Ajuwon, Ogun State by their principal. According to her, any virginity test must be done by a qualified and competent gynaecologist which has been the usual practice of her NGO in the past.

Since 2007, Princess Adunni Adediran initiated the Miss Virginity pageant through her NGO; very few Nigerians believed the initiative will see the light of the day. Six years later, the pageant has gradually turned into a household name in the Nigerian entertainment industry and other social circles. It all started when the idea developed into medical confirmation of the virgins, presentation of gifts to the virgins and conduct of pageantry at the maiden edition.

For four consecutive times, The Nigerian Virgin Girls, a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) has held their Miss Virginity Pageant. The pageant is usually preceded by a virginity test conducted at a hospital in Surulere, Lagos before the day of the pageant proper.

Though, the novel pageant has since inception became a source of controversy amongst parents, teachers and even the religious bodies, the acceptance however has been quite encouraging.

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