CHRISTIANS will mark today as Good Friday, in remembrance of the selfless sacrifice Jesus Christ made on the cross to redeem mankind. The culmination would be Easter, which would be celebrated on Sunday.

The message of Easter has remained the same more than 2000 years after the sacrifice. Easter challenges followers of Jesus Christ to imitate him.

God saved a lost world through the death of His son, Jesus Christ. He died a humiliating death that atoned for the sins of the world.

The death on the cross and the resurrection are cardinal bases of Christianity. Without Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, there would have been no Christian faith, though Easter lacks the rambunctiousness of Christmas, the birth of Christ.

Great lessons abound for all at Easter. Christ’s personal examples on every aspect of life are lost to those who want to follow him. His humility, with all the powers available to him, still challenges leaders who are consumed in the abuse of the fleeting powers they have.

Christ left great lessons about leadership which leaders and aspirants to power readily ignore. Leadership, according to Christ, is nothing without service to the people. Christ served people on daily bases, often at great personal inconvenience. He would feed the hungry, heal the sick, comfort the afflicted and teach people about better relationships with one another and their God.

Even on the way to his death, he served. During the Last Supper, he washed the feet of his disciples, while they reclined at table. He was a few hours away from a cruel death, but the comfort of his followers remained crucial to him.

How many of our leaders know the needs of the people, outside the routine electioneering mouthing of how to create a better Nigeria? Where they do, do they meet these needs? Do they serve the people? Do they know the great pains Nigerians have endured, in our abundant revenues from oil and gas? Can they relate to the people, when unlike Christ, they distance themselves from ordinary people?

Christ kept giving until he gave his life. Remarkably, he died, not for his own sins, but the sins of others, including those that nailed him to the cross. What sacrifice are our leaders making?

Easter messages doused in the pretence that has become a national trademark of our leaders will fill the air, with their emptiness.

An enduring message of Easter is about exemplary leadership in service. Wherever we lead, our leadership should be a decision to act selflessly, even if it costs us our lives. Easter is about making sacrifices and a call for others to follow.

We wish our readers happy Easter celebrations.


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