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What Valentine’s Day Means to Us

By Yemisi Suleiman

Just a day to Saint Valentine’s Day, Allure speaks with some personalities on the importance of the day, how they will spend it and gifts that could wow them.

Iretiola Doyle:

What does St. Valentine’s Day mean to you?

Frankly speaking, it’s just another day of the month.  It’s just the 14th day of the second month of this year. And, I’ll tell you why.  You are either in love or you are not; one day won’t make any difference so it’s just another day. Will we do something extra this year?   May be, there will be no going out to dinner because traffic is crazy.  But for presents, maybe a little bit more affectionate than otherwise.

What gift would wow you… blow your mind?

Let’s not talk about gifts that will blow my mind. I know that there will be gifts; there will be a lot of affection.

How do  you intend to spend the day?


I know that we will be together, most likely at home with our kids because, it’s not just  love between partners.  It’s time to show love to your loved ones.

Most memorable Valentine’s Day yet?

It’s been twelve years with loads of memory. I am not sure of a most memorable one. Every day is kind of special.

Doris Simon:

It’s Lovers’ Day; for everyone to show love to one another – be it  your family, the less privileged, or those that are on the streets and cannot afford a square meal. If you can help them, it shows that you love them.

How do  you intend to spend the day?

I will spend it, obviously, with my family. I intend reaching out to the less privileged privately.

What gift do you expect?

Sometime ago, I posted on my page that God should please borrow me 3 million pounds from my future money (laughs).  If I get that, that will be great.

What gift would blow your mind?

I have not thought of that yet, but anything that comes I will appreciate.

Chineze Anyaene

What does valentine mean to you?

I personally believe it’s a day to celebrate love. Not necessarily just the love for your significant other but for the love of everything. For the love you have for God, your friends, family, and pets.

How do you intend to spend the day?

Work and dinner with friends and family

What is the best gift you have received for Valentine?

Chris Aire wrist watch from my mum

What gift would blow your mind?

Hmmm.. A lot of things… Including a 2013 GT V8 continental Bentley

Ini Edo:

It’s a day set aside for expression of love; showing love to your loved ones (those you care about), and exchange of gifts.  It’s a day to remember that love is the greatest. It’s not necessarily to your spouse or partner alone, but also people who care about you. It’s a day of celebration of love.

How do you intend to spend the day?

I have no idea yet.

Ini Edo
Ini Edo

What gift would blow your mind?

Anything from the heart, so far it’s from the heart. Something sweet and feminine.

What’s the best gift you have received over the years ?

A lot, I can’t begin to count.


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