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What is God saying about this time

WHENEVER a strange situation developed in the history of the Biblical Israel, their  judge, ruler, or king, depending on the time in history, prayed,  asking God what He was saying concerning that situation.

From Abraham to Samuel, and David, leaders of Israel always enquired of the Lord. The Urim and Thumin was never far from King David to enquire of the Lord. On the few occasions he went out of the way God was leading, he paid dearly for the mistake; for example, the affair with Bathsheba.

They enquired because God had and has answers to every situation concerning His specially chosen people, the nation of Isreal. We are the spiritual nation of Isreal in the gentile world by the power of the blood, shed on the cross. God, therefore, has answers for all our questions and situations.

When the people of Israel offended Samuel in 1 Sam 8:6-7 by asking for a king so they can be like other nations, God  said it was Him that Israel rejected, and then gave them Saul  as their King.Whenever the saints who are the spiritual Israel want to conform to or be like nations around them it is God  they are rejecting  by so doing, and the effects will always be serious in the end. King Saul later died, and God repented of His decision to have made him a king over Israel(1 Sam 15:35, and 16:1). If God can repent of His decision, we must not let our mistakes keep us from moving forward. God will give us the wisdom to regain our lost moment as in 1 Sam 16:23, where He told Samuel how to anoint David, without courting the wrath of King Saul.

Recent events in our world should tell us where God is looking and going, but we are not asking what He is saying.

When about six years ago, Barack Obama announced that he wanted to lead America, many thought he was on a political suicide  mission, but God said he would lead, and Obama became President. Last year against all odds, he again won another tenure of four years because God said so!

I learned five things from Obama: Mind the company you keep, mind what you say, deploy all resources that is available, work as if your life depended on that project, and pray as if it was the last one.Is God not saying something to you, me, Africa and the world?

The death of Colonel Muammar Ghadafi of Libya in 2011, was a fallout of the Arab Spring- a gathering of what I call all the children of Esau according to Scripture. This gathering against the nation of Israel has been prophesied in Psalm 83:5-8. But verses 13-17 are most instructive, the prayer of the anointed King. We are kings, being the sons of the King of kings, our prayers can be devastating to every gathering of the enemy of the spiritual Isreal, just like it is to the enemies of the nation of Isreal even today.

When Ghadafi in 2009,prophesied that Nigeria would divide into Christian and Muslim nations, a few Saints saw this as the prayer of Balam over Isreal, and  because they knew what God was saying; only two of them that I knew , went to the mountain in Ekiti State, and prayed against the wicked prophecy, reversing it. Two years after, Ghadafi met his death! When people prophesy evil upon Nigeria, or upon our lives, we must rise up and cancel or reverse it; that is the inheritance of the righteous!

After Ghadafi’s crisis, Syria came under judgement. But prior to this, Egypt was put on the God’s scale. President Hosni Mubarak fell, now President Horsi is on the saddle, but he does not seem to care about what God is saying, and if he continues to support the containment of Isreal, his fall will come. Syria is now confused and decimated, King Assad is killing his own people, how else will Psalm 83:17 manifest?

Iraq was the first nation in the modern world to shoot missile war heads at Israel; they paid dearly for it and still paying. Iran’s cup will soon be full, and their judgement by God will descend.

The Arab Spring has risen against Isreal and for that their confusion will not wane!

Russia continues to prevaricate over support for Israel, so shall their strength as a world power be reducing, and if they fail to hear what God is saying, they will fall flat on their face even as a world power because power belongs to God! A meteor exploded on the February 15 in Russia. Was that a sign from God?

We will know what God is saying in Numbers 24:8-9.Balam confirmed that Israel is blessed by God, cursed is anyone that curses Israel, and blessed is him that blesses Israel. Nigeria is warned not to allow Muslim fundamentalists to drag her into cursing Israel because the saints will not partake of the devastation that will follow.

Mali is home to  Alqaeda cells, and Boko Haram has aligned with them , now Mali will soon be like Somalia,-the effects of same prophecy! The first suicide bombing was recorded in Mali, early in February 2013, and they now have three incidents since then. The calamity on the children of Esau will be increasing and spreading for as long as they ally against and curse Israel.

God is warning the North of Nigeria to review its steps, fight and stop Boko Haram before suicide bombing will ravage their lands. We hear Malians have infiltrated some Southern states like Lagos and Ibadan. We must have nothing to do with them, for they are cursed for cursing Israel! The saints in the South and North Nigeria must pray so that we shall not be partakers of this curse.

What is God saying with the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, the first since over 600 years ago? When a Black Pope emerges, what will it mean for the Black race and the world? Is God repositioning the Black race?  Is it time for the world to reassess its offences against the Black race during slavery? When the descendants of Africa rule over America and the Vatican what is God saying to you and me as Africans?

The Church in Nigeria, with good humanitarian heart and deeds, will blossom and find favour before America, Europe and the world this time. Africa will benefit immensely and grow, but Nigeria may not gain optimally if she does not put her house in order by stamping out corruption. Corruption remains the bane of this nation.

There is a great wealth transfer grace in favour of Africa this time, but only those who follow  2 Cor 9: 7-11as cheerful givers will tap immensely into it.

Do not let the devil deceive you; those who pursue righteousness, holiness, pay their tithes, and offerings, and help the poor will be positioned for the massive wealth transfer that is coming. Praying for Israel will bring blessings. Praying a Black man into the Papacy will bring favour to Africa.That is what God is saying to us.

CLEMENT UDEGBE, a lawyer, wrote from Lagos.


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