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Something good is happening (I)

By Johnson Omomadia
Welcome to this new exciting series from the anointed word of God. It will surely bless you, encourage and challenge you to know that God has not forgotten you but that He who began a good work in you shall faithfully complete it.

Remember, God never fails, and so He will never fail you.Sometimes in life it may seem as if all of hell is against you at the same time and you begin to wonder what is going on.

Where is God, where is Jesus, and where is the Holy Ghost? Sometimes you turn to your friends and they all turned their back at you. Then you remember to fast and pray, you sow seeds into God’s kingdom, you do all that you know how to do, and yet nothing seems to happen.

Hear the word of the Lord, something good is happening even right now. When a farmer plants a seed into the soil, he may decide to wonder what is happening with the seed he planted but do you know, his wondering won’t do him any good.

Because wondering won’t bring out the fruit that the farmer desire. This is why all farmers know that when they plant a seed that definitely something is happening to that seed that will cause fruits to spring forth out of the ground.

You may be saying, brother Johnson, you don’t know how long i have been waiting to get married, or to have children, or to be gainfully employed, or to be promoted etc. Yes I may not know, but the one whose plan for your life is good and not of evil, knows all about you and that is why He is Ominiscient, the God that knows all things.

He said He will bring you to an expected glorious end (Jer. 29:11). Don’t worry, your end shall be glorious, says the Spirit of the Lord. People may be laughing at you right now, making mockery of you and it is hurting you so badly, please listen my God will comfort you with supernatural miracles this year in Jesus Name.

Do you remember, the bible says that at the beginning in Gen. “1:2 that the earth was void, dark and full of confusions. Well at this time the enemy may have thought it was all over but God brought creation out of nothing. What about when Satan robbed man of his divine inheritance in the Garden of Eden.

At this point, Satan and his hosts must have been rejoicing that the purpose of God for mankind has been destroyed and that there could be no way out. But thank God, there is always a way out of every situation.

This is why I boldly say that in your life right now, something good is happening that will prosper you tremendously. While Satan was rejoicing God said in Gen. 3:15 “that the seed of the woman shall bruise the head of the serpent”. From generation to generation God kept Satan so busy guessing when this will be.

Surely Satan must have thought that God must be a joker. Listen to me. God is not a joker, but He always has a joker to defeat the enemy. Finally, Jesus (the seed of the woman) came into the scene and destroyed the works of the devil and gave us absolute victory over all the works of Satan.

Don’t ever think that God is not doing something for you. He is working things out for your good. If you will just hold on a little bit longer, you will surely see Him.

I prophesy that your business will not collapse and your marriage will advance forward beyond your imagination for something good is happening to you right now.

Do you want to experience fulfillment of promises of God in your life? The starting point is you receiving Jesus Christ in your life as Lord and Saviour, if you have not already done so.

Pray this simple prayer. Father, you said that whosoever shall call on the name of Jesus, shall be saved. I call on the name Jesus. Thank you for saving me and giving me the gift of eternal life. I praise you and give you all the glory.



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