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Price war: How pasta manufacturers divide market

By Princewill Ekwujuru

Fast foods  are major attraction of fast moving consumers. Foods close to fast foods are in the Pastas category which are usually referred to as Spaghetti, the slippery and worm look recipe loved by children and adults alike.

Pastas like noddles are easy to prepare, particularly when stew is readily available, today the increasing number of Pasta brands in the market is become a serious competition between companies.

However, with the increasing interest in Pasta consumption occasioned by the 360 degree media awareness created by the manufacturers to drive their brands across the country has become incisive.

Meanwhile, as  manufacturers continue their media onslaught employing television commercials, promos, bus branding which stares at consumers auspiciously while the bus (es) are on the move, more varied way of reaching their target audience, especially children, other media vehicles employed include promos, billboards, press releases and radio giggles, with these strategies, it’s become apparent that consumers now fall head over for the slippery product.

Aside this, investigation carried out by Vanguard showed that various Pasta brands exist in the market, their brand: Golden Penny Spaghetti, Dangote Slim Spaghetti, Bucatini Spaghetti, Spaghetini and Power Pasta from the stable of Pure Flour Mills, a subsidiary of Dufil Foods  are seriously making in-roads into the heart of consumers, as well as making waves in the market.

The investigation also showed that all the brands are doing well in the market in exception of  Power Pasta which is new in the market, but yet pulling some string with its activities in parts of the South- South States, as a result its factory in that area.

Further probe into the market revealed that consumers enjoy Pastas because of their slippery nature, particularly children, when spiced with stew. On investigation, 75 percent respondents interviewed said they liked Spaghetti because it does not require much stew and its quick cook.

Like Justin Ogwutu said, “if you are hungry, pastas are easy to boil in less than five minutes you are done and particularly if there is stew on ground.”

With about 350 spaghetti recipes, for example, Spaghetti pie, spaghetti meat balls and Basic baked spaghetti to mention but few,  most not prepared in Nigeria remains other reasons consumers are in love with the recipe.

A look into the spaghetti market showed that  manufacturers are now employing price differentiation drive to outwit other manufacturers. Last month a pack of  spaghetti sold for  N120, but has remained the same price this month.

A further investigation to determine the number of  cartoons sold monthly Vanguard discovered that five to  seven cartoons are sold for between N2,169.00 and N2,150, this, the sellers say depend on the patronage for a particular month, but in a good sales month  eight to 12 cartoons are sold.

Further probe into the price differentiation, Dangote sells a pack of spaghettis for N120.00 and Bucatini spaghetti for n120.00, while  Golden Penny sells for same price, Power Pasta N110. 00, Flour mills spaghetti sells for between N110 to N115.00 a pack, a  price difference that has given both products  a sought of leverage in sales share in the market, when sought to know the product  that sells best.


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