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Kalu is a one man opposition – Kamalu

DR Chrisian Kamalu, chairman of the Transition Council of Osisioma Ngwa LGA in Abia State between 2002 and 2003 and elected chairman between 2008 and 2010 is a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in the state. Kamalu was also former Special Assistant to the former Governor of the state, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu between 2005 and 2007.
In this interview, he x-rays the issues behind the spat between the former governor and the incumbent, Chief Theodore Orji. Excerpts:

DO you share in the criticisms levelled against the present administration in Abia State?
I would have preferred if you hit the nail on the head. The criticisms as you call them are coming from only one angle and that angle is the former Governor of Abia State and founder of the defunct Progressives Peoples Alliance, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu.

It is very sad that a man who occupied the exalted office of the Governor of Abia State is the one turning around to denigrate that office. What an irony. If this was a case of the kettle calling the pot black, it would have been highly appreciated. But, this is a clear case of a drowning man hanging to everything in sight to remain afloat. It is sad and pathetic that the people-oriented Governor of Abia State, Chief Theodore Orji is passing through this crucible, simply because he chose to deviate from the status quo that prevailed before him. He chose to side with the people and the state, to better the lots of the people and reposition the state for greater glory.

Orji Kalu
Orji Kalu

But don’t you think the action of the former governor is fueled by concerns on abandoned projects about the state?

The good people of Abia State have not complained to anybody. If they had complained, is it only the former governor that is empowered to champion the cause of the people? Can a tree make a forest? Is it possible that only the former governor will be the leader and the follower in a state where there are more than five million people? Don’t forget that this is the home state of notable politicians such as the late Dr. Michael Okpara, Senator Ike Nwachukwu among many others, who have held sway in the politics of the nation.

Where does the former governor compare to these illustrious sons of God’s Own State. It is unfortunate that in Abia God put a man after His own heart to govern the state. Can the former governor try this in other states? Did you see what happened in many other states where former governors pick on the seating head? But the governor has kept his cool, continuing with his good work, not minding the mud being splashed on him by his predecessor.

Then what would have gone amiss?
Let me tell you tell you some of the reasons aside from the ones I have mentioned above. Firstly, the former governor believed in divide and rule system. This was the method he used throughout his eight-year tenure, but Governor Orji came and said no, never will Abia be divided again because divided we fall, but united we stand and since all the elements and components of the state have been working together, the state has witnessed peace, development and human empowerment.

Is this kind of politics healthy for the nation?
Nobody has the monopoly of power. Power comes from God and only belongs to God. Nobody can have the power to anoint another person and it works, if God disapproves of it. Have you not heard of the places where former governors did everything to install their successors and it failed woefully?

The hand of God was not present. So, if that is where he is basing his wrong judgement, then he should think twice. When he became governor, did he do so all by himself? Were there not people who helped to put him in the position? How did he treat them? Did he not run those people out of town? But in his own case, he still had the opportunity of returning and even making scatting remarks.

What is your assessment of the state of Aba?
First of all, let me say that if for eight years, the administration of OUK had done anything in Aba, Aba will not be the way it is now. Is he claiming that under eight years Aba deteriorated. If he did anything in Aba let him point to that thing. I am an Aba man and I know Aba more than he does and he cannot cry more than the bereaved. How many times has he visited Aba since he left office?


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