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Goke’s confessions for turn around

By Prisca Sam-Duru

The world today is witnessing a situation bedeviled by violence of diverse magnitude, anarchy, starvation, health challenges, evil of the highest order, corruption,  poverty, war in the homes and among nations. And in the face of all these, hapless individuals have responded with despair and negative confessions.

While despondency is not an option as regards finding clues to the prevailing circumstances, making negative confessions is even worse an option.

In this regard, Goke Coker, a Senior Associate Pastor with the House On The Rock, whose life is a glowing testimony of God’s unfailing love and amazing grace, in “God’Fessions”, a 188 page book, provides for readers, life changing confessions as a way of escape.

God’Fessions by Goke Coker,
God’Fessions by Goke Coker,

Believing and confessing which are an integral part of the Christian walk, are Goke’s suggested antidote to negative situations and according to him, are best used positively. He puts it succinctly thus, “What becomes manifest in our lives depends on our faith and confession”.

God’Fessions is aimed at helping readers cultivate an awareness of their spiritual blessings and the limitless powers of God. It also enables the reader grow stronger in faith, even as he establishes the truth of God’s word over his life and that of his household through positive  declarations. The book is therefore, written to touch lives.

The new book which is now available in bookshops and online, comes with 90 daily confessions of God’s word and promises over the life of the reader. The author takes the reader through a journey which is punctuated with such headings as;  Turn Around, Joy Unspeakable, Distinction, Supernatural Safety, Clarity of Vision, Increase and Lifted for Life.

In what can best be described as chapters, the author begins each chapter with the words, ‘Today I speak over my life and my household that God’s abiding presence will be with me and make a difference in my life’. This sort of statement progresses into declarations on the subject matter around each topic, and then climaxes in such confessions like, ‘I believe and I say amen’.

The book is sequentially arranged in a manner that lifts the reader from the state of despondency through till he attains the solid ground of God’s certainty.

Goke masterfully does this with the aim of reconnecting the reader to the Almighty God and subsequently hold Him to promises made at the beginning of creation.

This is one book everyone who believes in God should read every day if only to know these promises. But reading it alone is not enough; one must meditate on the words, own them and believe them. What is after all the essence of prayer, if not to connect with God?

In “End of Struggles”, which is found on page 96, the reader is relieved with this statement, ‘Suffering has ended. My seasons of lack and want are over and the curse of generational poverty is broken. I enter into plenty’. There are also scriptural promises that abound on the odd number pages on the right.

Coming from an author whose early years in life were marked with tests and temptations that accompany street life in Ojuelegba, a part of Lagos, which was at that time, known as a place where social ills thrive, Goke’s life-changing teachings are laced with gripping stories of his personal tests and triumphs.   God’Fessions makes a pleasurable read with it’s high quality print as well as content that is almost  devoid of errors signifying that it is definitely not a book put together in a hurry.


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