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Coin Ventures unveils American car care products

By Theodore Opara

Coin Ventures Ltd, a Lagos-based car care marketing company is partnering three American companies to launch quality car care products into the country.

Coin Ventures Chief Executive Officer, Sir Ike Okafor while briefing newsmen on the products recently in his Lagos office  explained that for a long time, quality car-care products have eluded the country.

He explained that the search for the right products for the highly demanding Nigeria auto market led to the introduction of these quality American products.

The companies include: Technical Chemical Company, makers of Johnsen Car Care Products, Freezetone Product Inc, renowned for vehicle coolants and radiator additives and Omni Specialty Packaging, world producers of quality ATF and engine oil.

Sir Okafor, a  West Virginia University, USA, trained engineer, who retired from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, as an Executive Director, explained that his passion for the automobile industry and the quest to offer world-class products at affordable price led to research for the three brands.

“I have watched with pains, what people go through as a result of using low quality care  care products  which often times leads to breakdowns on the road and loss of investment in the car, hence, we have decided to offer the world-class products to Nigerians,” he said.
“Out of interest and passion for the automobile industry, I decided to offer something unique and different to ensure trouble-free motoring for my fellow countrymen,” he added.

“As a petroleum engineer and with many years experience in the lubricant industry, I searched for products that has good Research and Development in the various categories and settled for the three that we are bringing to Nigerians.”

According to him, price was not the attraction in settling for them but quality at the long run.

The Coin entures boss explained that profit was important but not key in the selection of their products.
“A typical United States company, he said would not cut corners to make profit hence, the product they bring to Nigeria is of the same quality and standard with the ones in the America market.

“The products I bring are of the same quality with the ones in the United States and Europe. They are certified by In tertek and I stake my integrity as a Knight and American trained engineer in bringing the products,” he stated.

He explained that the products are tested by Intertek Automobile Research to ensure the high standard, and certified by SONCAP.

“With our products you are sure of the quality and peace of mind,” he stated, adding that he has decided to be very careful with the distribution of the products for fear of being faked.
“It is not everywhere because we would not like it to be faked by anyone and that is why we have exclusive marketing outlets.

Mr. Okafor however highlighted the implication of fake car care products. “With fake car care products, you record unnecessary breakdowns and that means you will be troubled and can’t function well. It can affect your health when you spend time with the mechanics. You could end up loosing the car if you don’t take time or replacing a whole engine due to use of sub-standard car care products.


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