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Afcon: Double wahala for dead body

There is nothing that people can’t do in the name of seeking greener pastures.

We have many green bushes in Nigeria, yet every now and then, Nigerians go through harrowing experience in the name of getting visas and checking out.

tony-ubaniAfcon:It is not their fault, though. Who would spit out honey from his mouth?

There is this pathetic story of a partially deaf and dumb supporter from Abuja, Federal Capital Territory who sold all his property to be part of the cheerleaders for the Eagles to do well in the Nations Cup.

I learnt that the guy(names with-held) left Nigeria days before the kick off and boarded an Ethiopian Airline to Addis Ababa where they transit before hitting Johannesburg the following day. It was in Addis Ababa that his trouble started.

He had a room to himself and slept off to miss his early morning flight to South Africa. It was in the aircraft that some people remembered him.

They claimed to have called his room in the morning and did not get any answer. He was stranded in Addis Ababa. They always get one problem or the other in Addis.

I remember my friend and colleague, Jacob. He too had a sweet? experience in Addis on his way to Maputo to cover the All Africa Games. The fanatical fan has finally arrived Rustenburg and has headed to Durban. He is so passionate of Nigerian players that one of the big stars promised to take him abroad from SA. Strange story! His problems appear to be starting from here.
Cat and run!

One of the many journalists here covering the African Cup of Nations got a dose of a shock after the Super Eagles did the extra ordinary by beating the Elephants of Cote d’Ivoire.

He had worked himself tired moving from hotel to hotel to get interviews and got back to his hotel exhausted. When he entered, behold, a massive pussy cat was already seated wagging its tail to our Nigerian writer.

He tried to scare the cat but it mewed at him with its whiskers standing erect. The guy dashed out of his room and jumped into Richard Jideka’s.

All pleas for him to reclaim his room fell on deaf ears. Our Benin brother said that his people were after him and came in the form of pussy cat.

He lost his deposit and inconvenienced Richard. But he got his peace of mind.

Food is ready!

Nigerians are everywhere. There is no place in the world you cannot find a Nigerian. They make things happen. They are contributing to the economy of South Africa but are also making life difficult for the police. Some of them are haunted and hounded. They deal in illicit drugs and live big. South Africans hate them for their enterprise.

They wonder how a Nigerian who comes to South Africa to hawk apples would in a matter of one year become so rich that he drives the best exotic cars and buys houses in exclusive areas. It is not a miracle. It is hard work. They have made life easier for us. We’ve discovered Nneoma Restaurant managed by Goddy Odenigbo(Ayola).

The restaurant provides all the delicacies that make Nigeria tick. Everything about the restaurant is good except the price. It is better eaten once a day, if you still want to go back to Naija.



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