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UPP blasts Jonathan over ‘executive rigmarole’

By Chris Ochayi

ABUJA—United Progressive Party, UPP, yesterday, tasked President Goodluck Jonathan to sit up and tackle, head-long, issues of insecurity, corruption and poverty which have slowed the nation’s wheel of progress in recent times.

UPP, in a statement by Chief Ogbuechi Dike, its National Publicity Secretary, warned that it was time to stop executive rigmarole and provide democracy dividends to long-suffering Nigerians.

Describing 2012 as a perilous year for the nation, the party said: “We thank God for His mercies, guidance and protection throughout the turbulent 2012.

President Goodluck Jonathan
President Goodluck Jonathan

“Hell was let loose on Nigeria: unprecedented violence, flood, accidents, corruption, armed robberies, kidnappings, infrastructural decay, hunger and executive recklessness. There was despair in the land.

“We call on the Federal Government to sit up and tackle insecurity, corruption and poverty head-on.

“This is in consonance with Section 14 (2)b of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) which says ‘the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government.’

“It is time to stop executive rigmarole and provide abundant democracy dividends to the long-suffering Nigerians.

“The New Year offers yet another opportunity for Nigerians to seek the face of God and resolve to build a strong, virile and prosperous democratic society.

“It is a time to heal. It is a time to demonstrate exceptional patriotism and uphold those things that bind us as a united, peaceful and indivisible nation.”

… as Tsav flays Southern politicians over CIA prediction


MAKURDI—Former Commissioner of Police for Lagos State, Alhaji Abubaka Tsav, has accused political leaders in the south of encouraging the disintegration of the country to give credence to the prediction of the American Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, that the country would break up in 2014.

He warned that political leaders in the south were being reckless in their utterance with intent to heat up the polity and incite the disintegration of the country.

Tsav, who stated this yesterday in an interview with newsmen in Makurdi, regretted that political leaders in the south have disappointed all Nigerians with the way they are carrying on.

He said: “Never in the history of this country had the issue of the disintegration of this country been on the front burner like what is happening currently.

“It is quite unfortunate because for several years northerners ruled this country and nobody heard of or thought of the country disintegrating. But regrettably, a minority from the south-south is in charge and it is as if the country is at the brink of disintegration because it has become the topical issue down south.

“But I must caution those beating these drums of disintegration that if Nigeria breaks up every one of us in this country and every fragmented part would suffer, because we all have our comparative advantages in all sectors.

“We must all move to stop this ugly trend or else we will deliberately walk ourselves into the trap of that prediction.

“I have visited states like Yobe, Bornu and others and I was shocked. These states have been abandoned as if they are not part of Nigeria anymore, it is sad.

“Government must live up to its responsibilities to the people no matter the situation or challenge.

“We cannot abandon our own people to their faith when we know that the government can do more. My worry is that if this is not checked and the trend continues, the prediction of the CIA that the country might disintegrate could become a reality.

“That is why those in governance must lead by example and ensure that corruption, tribalism, sectionalism and nepotism were divorced from our system of governance to save this great nation called Nigeria.”


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