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Marry me, get your papers (F – L – I – C – K – S)

It sounds like tales by moonlight that women do the chasing in South Africa. Their men are kings. Most of them don’t work and they rely on their wives to pay rent and feed the family.

At the end of the month, the dutiful wife shares her salary into two with the husband. Lucky men! The women, both young and old love visitors. At the accreditation centre the other day, there were more women than men.

tony-ubaniAll of them smartly dressed stuffing their white volunteer shirts into trousers that carry over-load bums. A pretty girl of about 20 years approached and asked why I have not gotten my accreditation. We got talking and once she knew I’m Nigerian her concern for my plight over accreditation died.

“Are you married?”, she asked. Do you want to marry me, I retorted. She smiled revealing her immaculate white teeth and two dimples that would have made her a hot cake in Nollywood.

“Yes, I want to marry you if you are in love with me. I love Nigerian men but some of them are tricksters. If you are serious, I’ll get your papers because my sister works in Immigration”.

“Sorry, I am married with children and you can’t talk about marriage because you hardly know me”, I said as my irritation shows. “Not to worry. Love grows with time. You can have me as second wife. I will tell my Mummy and bring her to your hotel…..

The loudspeaker roared my surname pronounced in a funny Zulu accent and I dashed out leaving her to continue her day dreaming of marriage. She was still standing there when I zig-zagged through the crowd to avoid Eze calling on phone to shout for more stories.

Aki and Pawpaw want Eagles to soar 

One of the pint-sized millionaire Nollywood actors, Pawpaw is here for the Nations Cup. And South Africans love him. The actors love soccer and have always identified with the Eagles watching their matches. But with Nigerians wearing long faces over the dismal draw in the first match against Burkina Faso, Pawpaw optimistic that better results would come their way.

At the Stay Easy hotel, Pawpaw caused a traffic jam as both men and women swarmed around him to get a handshake with others flashing phones to take pictures with him. A very handsome and pleasant young man. The Eagles need to fly to let Pawpaw continue supporting them.



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