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You sir, are a thief in Govt House

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By Denrele Animasaun

“Those whom God wishes to destroy he first makes mad.”-Seneca
Last   week  one  of  James  Ibori’s accomplices, Bhadresh Gohil, sought to   appeal  against  his  conviction  because a  prominent  newspaper revealed allegation  against  the  Met  police investigating the  case  of  corruption  in  which  Ibori, his wife and  his  solicitor are doing  time  in  her  majesty’s prisons.

The  convicted money launderer,London-based solicitor Bhadresh Gohil was jailed for 10 years in 2010 for helping client James Ibori,the  former  Delta  State governor,to  keep over £50 million in bank accounts around the world. Gohil has now lodged grounds for appeal after the newspaper investigation revealed claims of corruption during the probe by Scotland Yard’s SCD6 unit into him and Ibori.

Gohil is using the allegations to appeal against his sentence on money laundering charges, while Scotland Yard is investigating the possibility that the corruption claims are manufactured. The   paper  disclosed   that  the  police  were  investigating  the  claims  that  some  serving  officers were  bribed up to £20,000 to leak crucial information about the  Ibori  case.

Ibori, who admitted money laundering and corruption and was jailed for 13 years at Southwark crown court in April, intends to use this claim to reduce the length of his   sentence. Both he and Gohil are also fighting asset confiscation hearings, relating to millions of pounds worth of property. His regime is thought to have defrauded the Nigerian people of £157 million, including his personal share of £50 million, laundered in London via offshore companies.

The  plot  thickens,  it  seems  there  is  no   honour  amongst  thieves,  because someone is  singing loudly  of  innocence . Gohill, a  lawyer has   found  a  loophole   or   so  it  seems,  to  help  his   appeal  and  subsequent   release.

It   seems  that  the  Ibori  saga  will   run  and  run  and they determined   to  have their  cake   and  also eat  it  too. They  want  to be released from  prison and  have  their ill  gotten  loot   turned  over  to  them! The   cheek  of  it  all, they now  think  the  money  is rightfully  theirs   despite  the    judgement  ruling  that   the   money was to be released   to  the people of  Delta  who it rightly   belonged  to.

So  far  the  Met and judicial  department have   refused to comment  on this. We will watch with bated breath.

A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but its lowest ones” — Nelson Mandela

Let them eat Cake!
This   Marie  Antoinette  alluded  to  have  said  to the people of France, when she was  told  that  they   were  starving  and   with  little  or   food.  Well, it   did not end   well   for   Marie-Antoinette.  Sometime   later she was   dragged and paraded   on the streets of Paris   where at  some point she   was blindfolded and   guillotined!  While  Rome  burns,  our country’s    Neros (politicians)  are  milking  the  cash  cow for  all  its  worth. It  has been reported that by  2013,  Nigeria  will  be the  worst  place  for  a baby  to  be  born and that life expectancy for a child born in Nigeria will  be   51.9 years whereas, for a small country like Gabon, it will  be 62.7 years.

Make  of  it  what  you  will, but  the  reading  is  on  the  wall yet our  leaders  are  busy   squirreling  our   money and  feeding their  bellies  rather than   redistributing   the wealth to  make  Nigeria  a better   place  to live. So while  the  quality  of   life is depleting, our leaders are  gorging  themselves  on  the   choicest  meals,  in  salubrious surroundings.

They  do not  have   a  clue   what  goes  on  up  and  down  the   country  in  the   homes  of   ordinary  Nigerian  homes. One needs   to   be aware   what goes on in an average Nigerian home. Most    Nigerians  now  decide  whether  they   either   have  a  meal  in  the  morning   , none  in  the  afternoon  and   one  at  night.  They   call it 1-o-1 and   some are now in the 0-1-0. If we are in this together, then we should all be tightening our belts, without exception or so you would have thought.

No , it   does   not  seem  to be  the  case  with  the  president  and  all  his  command.  So  pardoned  me   if   I  have  no  sympathy   for   the   banqueting  hall,  even  the  name  is   so  odious  to the  ears, it   seem  like  a  fattening   room   by  all  accounts  it   is . I  cannot   understand  why  they   seem  to  be  oblivious  to  the  poverty   around them  or they, seem to have  switched  off  their  conscientious   button and   are  set  on  a  course   of  gluttony and  delusion of

So in 2007, Presidency including the State House was allocated N26.9 billion in the 2008 with a spending plan of N1.301 billion going for feeding and refreshment in the State House.

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