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There is a seed of global influence in every Nigerian youth – Ola Dickxin

By Victor Gotevbe

A glimpse of Dickxin gives you an impression he is in his 30s but you will be shocked to find out that this gentle man with a rich content is only 25 years old. Dickxin hawked several food items including pepper, mango and smoked fish in order to pay up his school fees and settle some family debts.

The first twelve years of his life he only ate chicken every Christmas. Against all odds, today, Dickxin Ola  pastors a Church at Sango Otta and he is the Founder of Paradigm-Shift Institute, a human and capital hub firm with distinct knowledge on building workplace productivity, business innovation and efficient management training services. With so much excitement, he takes Youthful Vibes on a ride through his journey so far. Excerpt.

Please tell us about your background?

I am the fourth child in a family of five, born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Okosun. But I had to change my surname from Okosun to Ola, based on ‘revelation’. I was born on  1st November 1987 in Agege, Lagos.  An Edo Indigene.

I attended Ayanleye Primary School, Ifako Ijaiye, Lagos state. I  then moved to Sonmori Comprehensive High school in the same area. Thereafter, I obtained a Diploma in Business Administration from University of Lagos. I have the privilege of taking on courses at Daystar leadership Academy.

*Ola Dickxon
*Ola Dickxin

I am a student member of Chartered Institute of Personnel management of Nigeria, Graduate of TL Entrepreneurial Academy, Liz logic Institute Of Information Technology and at present a student of Transatlantic negotiation school of business, the first Negotiation school in Africa and a partner of Harvard Business School.

I was tagged a failure 10 years ago from my High school teachers due to my inactive flow on academic excellence on a particular subject and that same subject has now become my greatest strength in business today. The breakeven point came when I spent 28 hours alone in a friend’s room to paint a picture of my destiny and there I found out again by God’s revelation who I am and what I am here to do.

I am not in this world to occupy space but to create more space for people to live in.  I sat down one evening after a personal and business retreat to redefine the phase and shape of my life.  I knew I have capacity to touch millions of lives and build multinational businesses as a tool for change.

One experience I can’t forget was during one Christmas period like this, I told my parents not to buy me any Christmas clothes because I needed the cash to buy three Books that changed my life: Rich dad, Poor Dad; Who moved my cheese and The richest man in Babylon.

I receive lots of invitation to speak in youth conferences and churches, and I spoke in over 50 conferences pro bono before age 20 which include NGO’s, schools and small scale enterprise.

What has been the motivation and  drive for  impacting other young Nigerians?

Contact and encounter is the secret to capturing a dynamic vision and drive for success. I am a product of impact, the blood flow of change was injected into me by my dear loving father and mentor, Pastor Sam Oluwatoye (senior pastor TLC) in 2003 when he touched my shoulder after a church service and said emphatically:  Dickxin you are a star, shine on.  I’m sure he can’t remember. No one has ever said that to me. Great words are stimulant to change and exploits.

The passion and drive to influence about 230 million youths in Africa and the rest of the world started burning in me . I hate poverty, lack of excellence, mediocrity, low self esteem and I hate to see people suffer and taken for granted because there is a seed of global influence in every Nigerian youth.

I started a motivational outfit at age 16 with almost 200 people in attendance every month. We used a friend’s house decking and without sponsorship from any organization I used my salary as a school teacher which was 2,200 naira monthly to run the program and lots of lives were transformed.

Hence, the catalyst for change also started from there. I am sure I have not started because we need to get to all parts of Africa; I have deep passion for the Nigeria and Africa. White is not always right. Natural and intellectual resources find their depth in Africa but were not refined due to Bad leadership and other factors

Was it why you founded Paradigm Shift Institute (P.S.I.)?

I had worked for top class consulting firms, research firms and financial institutions  where my directorate and senior managers had challenges with High level productivity, performance, leadership, team formation and clients retention, and I knew I had passion for solving workplace or corporate problems, so I dedicated and invested intellectual resources, time, money, energy, risk and my life into these issues and that was what gave birth to Paradigm Shift institute.

On first running capital for P.S.I was 150 naira as cash to print out a training manual in a business center. When we started the fear of failure gripped me because we had benchmark and competitors whose profile can intimidate a new investor, but we are moving with speed. By God’s grace we will be hosting the first Lagos sate Customer service Conference in 2013, a huge project that will host John C Maxwell, the press briefing will hold in February

P.S.I. has invested immeasurable resources on research across Africa, Europe, United States of America and USSR communities on captivating market place insight from top class firms in the world (the Forbes 500 companies). Our business is benchmarked on Philips Consulting, KPMG, Harvard Business School and Forbes magazine

Our Clients’ base and training platform have ranked amongst blue ocean industries such as Oil and Gas, Banking, information Technology, Health, Education and Telecommunications. While our bus

Do you have other mentors other than Pastor Sam Oluwatoye?

Yes I do. Fela Durotoye, Folunsho Philips, Donald Trumps, Aliko Dangote, John C. Maxwell and Michael .E. Potter (Harvard celebrity Professor).

So what Change projects are you working on?

We are presently running a FBS (Free Business Speed) project in Sango Otta, Abule Egba and Ogba. We train over 30 youth entrepreneurs for free every fortnight tagged: Free Business Speed pro. It has been a huge success with an average running cost of 400 dollars monthly.

Another project is Building Entrepreneurial Capacity (BEC) project with a goal to serve as life and career link for students within the age  bracket of 11 to 18 with a view to developing  career intelligence, entrepreneurial intelligence and skill capacity.

Prior to this time we had trained for free over 1700 public students in Lagos between September to November 2012 on the BEC project.  We are working as partners with Gist Africa, 5star Oil and Gas, Prestige Merit Oil, TL Consult, elevation resource center and Solucop Nigeria in spreading and activating life, career and business excellence in Nigeria.

We also have the Effective school Administration (ESA). This is a special training platform that helps to stimulate workplace productivity and performance for class room teachers, principals and CEOs of schools. Lots of schools on the island and mainland are fast responding to this project.

Pastoring is a major call for me while business is the platform for attracting and building wealth to propagate the kingdom of God.  I Pastor a branch of our church THE LORD’S CREW (TLC) in Toll Gate, Sango Otta, and lots of teenagers, youths and adults are enjoying and building supernatural capacity to take over the world for God. My greatest plan in life is to distribute billions of dollars to nations of the world to propagate the Gospel. I can’t live without serving God.

Any final words for young Nigerians out there, reading this?

You don’t become big to do big things, you do big things to become Big, Nigeria is fast becoming like China, a rich and enterprise economy where individual innovations and inventions are the catalyst for economic boom. Don’t wait for the government because the government (the people) is waiting for you.

Spur up your creative ability, take new challenges, study hard, leverage on relationships and take the lead. There is no limit at all. This is a green economy; there are opportunities to create multibillion dollar companies. Africa needs you. Please let’s represent.


*Senator Babajide Omoworare (L)and Victor Gotevbe were both recipients of the medal . Victor Gotevbe gave the Key note address.

Kunle Egbedun CEO, Gist Afrika, is at it again changing the face of professionalism as he brought together young professionals and business executives with other great dignitaries including some senior citizens. On Boxing day (Dec. 26, 2012), Vanguard Youthful Vibes was honoured with a medal for an outstanding leadership.



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