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Make good your promise, Adejuigbe charges NSC

At the close of the National Sports Festival, National Sports Commission director-general, Chief  Patrick Ekeji swore to high heavens that the talents discovered at the sports fiesta will be groomed to make impact internationally.

But former national sprinter and Ondo State athletics coach, Lawrence Adejuigbe says he knows that it was all political talk and has therefore, urged Dr. Ekeji to do Nigeria a world of good and take the necessary steps that will lead to the discovery of more athletes for the country.

“We keep on hearing talks such as these. But nothing happens at the end of the day.

“It was from sports festivals such as these that we were discovered and were taken into camp and coached by quality coaches including Lee Evans.

“These coaches used to go round scouting for talents. But today, there is nothing to suggest we are ready to revive athletics.

“There are records of how these things were done in the past. But those in charge of administration do not want to follow up.

If we can just look around and pick trainable talents and camp them over a long period of time, we will get the results we want at international competitions,” Adejuigbe stated.


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