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Make good use of your youthfulness, Chukwuemeka Esua urges youths

By Victor Gotevbe

Some persons are referred to as jack of all trades and master of none. This is different for the 31 years old, Abraham Chukwuemeka Esua, a.k.a. Amy, who is a bundle of talents. He can be considered a jack of all trades and master of all. Amy was originally with the Duo (KC Presh) before they came to limelight but opted out of their musical group for some personal reasons.

Here is one person, who can write, sing, sketch and even illustrate and design on computer with ease as he possesses great computer graphic design skill.  He is a young publisher and chief executive of a monthly celebrity and Life style Magazine. In this brief chat with Amy, he tells us what he has been up to. Excerpt.

Humble beginning I was born on May 3, 1981 into the Esua family of Akwa Ibom state .  I am the last of  six (6) males and one (1) female as my siblings. I grew up in a family that encouraged and stimulated creativity in children. Thankful to my parents and to the Almighty God, I am an artist; I sing, I draw with my pen and I used to do some cartoons for Vanguard on freelance basis, I have to my own credit some comics drawn by me. To add another feather to my ‘small’cap, I am also a Graphic Artist and a Music composer. Most recently I can say I pass for a Movie director as I am presently working on my first movie.


Art is something I was born into. I started singing at a very tender age with the church children choir. Once upon  a time, we had a regular children’s day celebration where my talent was discovered from the lot. Thereafter a group was established with my immediate elder brother. From there, we both joined the family group. By the grace of God, I have  been able to feature in some shows and have performed alongside some of Nigeria’s top musicians such as Daddy Fresh, Eddy Remedy, Plantashun Boiz and KC Presh, just to mention a few.

On-going Project
I am the Publisher of W2 magazine, a fashion and lifestyle magazine and we have up till date five (5) editions already rolled out. As earlier mentioned, I am working on my first movie. I want to take it seriously now. We’ll also have an academy. The academy will train young aspiring actors and gradually introduce them to assisting roles till they can handle major lead roles. There are still some skill acquisition and empowerment programmes we will execute in 2013.
Definition of Success
I think success is in the mind. It is basically semantic as people define it from different perspectives. Better put, you alone know the goals you have set for yourself for the year. If for an example, you achieved 3 out of 5. I’d say you were successful.

Working with Young People
Being young is a gift. You will agree with me that a huge chunk of Nigeria’s populace is greatly represented by young people. Hence, I am excited when working with youths as we possess great energy, great skills and passion for achieving any initiative. I have been privileged to work with several young people whom have also mentored me in some cases and some of them today are also my protégés. Today, we have a good number of them that have started their own businesses and several charities.

I don’t think we should continue repeating this: consistency is the key word. God is the ultimate helper. Always have faith in God and in everything you do.


Abiola holds a Bachelors degree in Chemistry from the prestigious University of Lagos, but has however applied his scientific training to matters related to marketing, business development, strategy and entrepreneurship.


He has worked in various capacities and industries ranging from Events & PR (TQA Global) Mobile Technology and VAS (MTech Communications) Sponsorship Marketing (Media Impact) to TV Production (

He was involved in TV as far back as 1988 by the staff of NTA 7 and Zik Zulu Adigwe and also performed in the Nigerian festival of television Programs NIFETEP 88. As an undergraduate and for years upon graduation he became a seasoned and critically acclaimed actor and producer weaned by Theater 15 University of Lagos and Wale Adenuga.

He is a passionate believer in the Nigerian dream and has served in various consultative capacities including ground breaking and pioneering efforts such as the launch of American Football in Nigeria and Africa in 2011. He manages Nigeria’s Only Sports Fan brand Fan Jam which supported the Manchester United vs.

Portsmouth football match in Abuja thus garnering global visibility. He is also the founder of Comedy Factory Nigeria’s first fully fledged comedy brand covering electronic mobile and web offerings with a smattering of events, and is an avid football fan.

Mr. Aloba is a serial entrepreneur and has kept the traditions of innovation and pioneering inculcated into him by his late father Ebenezer Williams who pioneered several newspapers and served 4 heads of state. Ebenezer William’s scion has not gone the public route but has taken the private path and is the founder of the Open Computer Literacy Program (OCLIP) which teaches computer and language skills for free to children in underprivileged areas.

His ultimate goal is to empower million of Nigerians through entrepreneurship advice and the creation of a university of entrepreneurship as he is convinced beyond doubt that the future of Nigeria lies in small businesses. Mr Aloba is currently offering social and mobile media training and empowerment windows to small businesses among other things.


December 11, 2011, Ogunyemi was featured in the  Young Nigerians making the difference section as a youth making waves


of change with his community service initiative : Warri Makeover, aimed at rebranding Warri. We had planned to use a full story of this young Nigerian who was on the waiting list.

However, we are left with no choice than to celebrate him posthumously following his death caused by his involvement in a ghastly motor accident along Lagos Ibadan Expressway. We miss this exceptional change agent who was laid to rest on December 13, 2012. Adieu brother and rest in peace!


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