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Creativity, hardwork essential to success – Chinyere Egerue


Mrs Chinyere Emily Egerue is a very talented and creative woman in art design of  different categories. She believes everyone should discover their talent and pursue it. She advises young people not to be influenced by other people’s choice of a field of study for them, but to pursue a course which they believe and can succeed in.  Vista Woman had a chat with her recently on her work and other matters.  Hear her:

Your background?
I hail from Enugu State, and had both my primary and secondary school education in Warri, and then went to study at the University of Nsukka. I’m married to Mr Egerue from Ehime Mgbano in Imo state, and we have two children – a boy and a girl.

Mrs Chinyere Egerue

Your Growing up?
Well my growing up was very fulfilling as my parents gave us a very good start in life; a sound education, a good moral background, and then  teaching and guiding me and my younger ones in the right path of life. All these have been the defining principles in our lives today.

Do you have passion for your job?
I love and have a passion for photographic design because when I was still young, I noticed that I have an in-born creativity in art design.  Then I used to buy materials to make cards for Xmas and birthday for family members and friends, instead of going to buy cards in the shops for them.

However, my cards then, were not as beautiful as what we have today. The idea behind making those cards then was what prompted me to read geophysics proper.  But due to  in-born creativity, I love photographic and video graphics job so much that I cannot do any other business. I opened my studio in 2008  in Aguda Surulere, just to make my dreams come true.

How is the work doing ?
Well, Zivamedia is doing very well in photographic and video production.  We use the latest technology in digital photographic and video production to deliver high quality services to our customers and we cover events like wedding, birthday parties, debuts, chieftaincy installation, burial and anniversaries.

Isn’t this work too competitive ?
Yes it is, but I love challenges and competitions because they enable me to grow, learn, go higher in life and as well as sharpen my business skills to improve and adopt new changes.  I do attend seminars and go on training programmes to add to my value. I attended a Faith Foundations seminar.  I learnt a lot there.  So, it is very good for a business to be competitive because it will make business performance to improve.  Without challenges and competitions, someone wont know if he/she is excelling or not.

How do you combine your job and running your home?
Well it has never been easy, and it could be a little bit stressful but with the help of God, I try as much as I can to balance both 50/50.  Internet  makes office work easier, and I have a helping hand in my family as well.   I started this job with two workers, but now there are four.

Raising children?
Raising children is not as easy as people think.  It is a labour of joy.  You must be there for them, check on their school home work and monitor the kind of friends they mingle with. Make sure you raise them in the ways of God to enable them imbibe good morals. I must thank the Lord for the wonderful, understanding caring, and loving husband he gave me.  He inspires me, and encourages and directs me on how to manage my business successfully.

Are you satisfied with your job?
Yes I am because I have a passion for this profession and whenever I see my  work around, e.g., banner adverts, handbills, and video coverages, I feel fulfilled.

What advice do you have for young people?
Well my advice to them is that they should be persistent, hardworking and patient, so that they can attain their goals. Also, women should try and be contented and hardworking so that they can help financially in the home, and earn the respect of their husbands and other people.  A lack of contentment is the reason there’s so much corruption around.  Young people are in a hurry to make it in life with quick money; not minding what the repercussion  will be tomorrow.

Some are so impatient to get there that they don’t complete their higher education, or acquire sound training.  They are in such haste to ride flashy cars and be noticed in social circles.  Sometimes,  I don’t blame these young people because their attitude to life could be lack of good parental upbringing and guidance.


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