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ADVAN Forum: Marketers need to transform their thinking – Guinness MD

By Princewill Ekwujuru

The world is changing and the game has to change. What has served us well now is not enough to take us to the future. We need to transform a lot of things including how we think and how we do things.

These were the words of Mr. Seni Adetu, Managing Director of Guinness Nigeria when he spoke on what advertising will look like by 2013,  at the 20th anniversary of the Advertising Association of Nigeria (ADVAN) in Lagos recently. He  advised marketers to increase their organisation’s return on investment (RoI)by thinking about their brands using a ‘Fish’ model.

Using the concept of the body of a fish as the brand, Adetu said for advertising to work,  it must have the eye of a fish which is direction and consumer insight. “Don’t create any advertisement without having insight. If your client is rushing you, calm him and let him realize that without your understanding of the consumers’   insight you are like a fish without an eye. The tail of the fish gives fish power and propels the fish, as this relates  to brand management and strategy.

The Guinness boss called for a change in the way marketers perceive advertising. “What matters in Ad creation is that it should elicit reactions that will impact on brand growth”, he said, maintaining that CEOs will continue to cut Ad budgets in times of operational difficulties if adverts don’t deliver top and bottom lines.

He  further told the gathering comprising ADVAN members, advertising agencies members and journalists that marketers advertise to win the hearts and minds of consumers, building consumer connection and growing brand equity,  clarifying that any advertisement that does not deliver these goals is not acceptable, but warned that marketers must be  very clear on the key performance indicators they set for themselves.

He said operational marketing is the type of marketing that works and supports top line. If you cannot prove that your marketing will make organizations like Guinness grow their top line, then we will not embark on it.

Explaining why some organizations like Coke and Guinness have survived years, he said it is because they have standards which they maintain irrespective of countries they operate, saying no body will lower standard for anybody and said perhaps that is why adverts are shot abroad.

Also speaking, the president of ADVAN, Kola Oyeyemi said the objectives of the association is to build capacity, adding that the body will in due course sign MoU with credible organizations on capacity building. He said the body will pursue global best standards and industry harmony.


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