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Abuja property not mine – Orubebe

By Abayomi Adeshida

ABUJA—Niger Delta Affairs  MInister, Elder Goidsday Orubebe, has described the recent barrage of attacks on his image as mere smear campaigns of calumny directed at his political future which will soon crumble before the law.

In his first response on the matter since the press conference addressed on the ownership of his residence among other matters, Orubebe hinted Vanguard, yesterday, in Abuja, that those currently bent on damaging his reputation and political future would have to prove their cases against him in the law courts.

Orubebe said: “The news first came to me as one of those rumours in the mills about politicians which starts without any concrete base and fizzles, but I have come to realise that I owe my family the duty to stop these people, else they would continue to spread falsehood about my person and my office.

“There are several lies that have been put in the public domain to do some damage to my character and make me lose focus and derail from my current assignment as a Minister of the Federal Republic of NIgeria but I have remained commited to the oath of office and committed to executing the President’s Transformation Agenda in the MInistry of Niger Delta.

“Of particular interest is the disturbing falsehood being spread about the ownership of my current official residence as the Niger Delta Development MInister.

“Among the falsehood being spread about the property is that I have received it as a donation from a certain construction company or a group of contractors.

“By the time you look through these documents, you will realise the impropriety of the wicked rumour which has been spread to distabilize me in my current appointment by characters who are sure bent on negatively impacting my political future.

“All I can assure everybody for now is that we are considering my mode of response to all these unfounded allegations and before too long, those who have engaged in starting and spreading this falsehood would have to pay commensurate damages for the campaign of calumny against my personality.”

Orubebe further explained that he had to relocate from his initial accomodation to another because of the need for space.

“The place I was living before I moved here was not spacious enough for me, I consulted with my lawyer and he found this property and he made arrangements for me to rent and move in here,” he said.

“It was my lawyer who also arranged how that place was rented out to a tenant and here we are now with words going round that I got some donation from some contractors.

“We are committed to the Transformation Agenda of President Goodluck Jonathan and we are not going to be shaken or worried by the antics of some elements who are only bent on making us lose focus on our present primary assignment of taking governance to the ordinary man in the Niger Delta Region, thereby contributing to national peace.

One of the documents obtained on the property located  at B06, Mabushi District was a Certificate of Occupancy number 846uw-90c8z-6e8fr-14820-6u1, on File number MISC 103440, bearing a survey plan on the reverse side signed by the Director of Surveying and Mapping and endorsed by the FCT MInister, Senator Bala Mohammed which was issued to Absat Multi BUsiness Limited, Kabuga Jan Block, C31B BUK Road, Kano, Kano State.

The other document tendered to prove the ownership of the property was the photocopy of an approved site plan also produced in the name of Absat Multi Business Limited.

Also, the Minister made available to Vanguard, a Legal Search Report, addressed to Akinwumi Ajibola & Associates dated November 26th, 2012, issued by the Department of Land Administration, Federal Capital Territory Administration.


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