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Style: A touch of Trad


If there ever was a time to showcase traditional attire, it is in this festive season. And for once, you don’t have to go all out. A touch of ‘trad’ do just fine. A few traditional-ultra-modern trends out in the undergraduate’s fashion diary.

•Bishop collared shirts- Ranging from brocade materials to linen and Ankara, this fashion item that was once restricted to older men in the south-south region of the country, now rests on the shoulders of celebrities and students alike in a variety of styles hitherto unheard of. These  shirts can be combined with almost any kind of trousers depending on the occasion.

A touch of trad: Batch ‘C’ corps members at Iyano-paja Orientation Camp produced the clothes they wear with needle.

•Accessories, accessories: The Ankara material is most guilty of this. Handbags, bowties, buttons, shoe etc made of this material seem to find their way unto English outfits and do fit nicely.

•Iro and Buba: Yep! The old fashioned Iro and Buba is here to stay. Young, petite undergraduates now dress this way for occasions competing favourably with the well endowed owambes!

•Dresses: Dresses have and always will be a fashion item that never goes out of vogue. The trend now is to sew originally English styles with traditional materials.

Mix it up, and have some fun. Follow the example of these corps members in the picture, and don’t be afraid to add a touch of ‘trad.’


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