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Worthy Mothers Excel Them All…

This book has 105 pages and it’s a Step Out   of Creative publication based in Birmingham, United Kingdom. This is the first book by Mercy Tola Ojumu.  From the beginning of the book, it is obvious that the author has great burden for women.

Not just ordinary burdens about issues that relate to their lives, but issues that can be linked spiritually to the word of God.  In this book, it is her dream that women should emulate the biblical virtuous woman and that whoever is able to do this is a worthy woman who has excelled in wifehood and womanhood. In the text, she sees diligence as an outcome of a serious Christian life which should be the hallmark of all Christian women.

You do not have to read too far into the book to discover the nuggets of truth and life in the book. It is her opinion that many women deliberately neglect their responsibilities as mothers and wives because they cannot look into the future to see the rewards of being worthy mothers in their family, neighbourhood, states and nations.

The book admonishes that mothers and wives must desire to be virtuous like the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31:10-31, who was described as being worth more than rubies.  In clear terms, it will be seen that she clearly suggests that women would be celebrated by the world if only they play their worthy part.

So on the flip side, women should arise – they should pray as never before, fervently for their families – they should be bold as never before to stand against all forms of evil – they should be courageous and not give up in the face of adversity.

It is so interesting to see the various examples and testimonies in the book. They all go to prove that if women learn to endure, they will eat the fruit of the land and be blessed. Moreover, the outcome of their hard work, diligence and dedication will be a Godly home, well behaved children and a great nation.


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