By Kassim Afegbua
In this era of economic crunch, pervasive hunger, decaying infrastructure, low level human capital development and a demoralising socio-political orientation, getting the brain to think and rationalize ideas and thoughts could be very tasking and painstaking.

At times, settling down to articulate thoughts and ideas that could make meaning for the society could be very disturbing and nerves wrecking. At times also, it could be very frustrating trying to get the right mood to put thoughts down in lucid prose for the reading pleasure of the public.

This is why I do not envy the literary exploits of citizen Ifeanyi Ilechukwu, 24 year-old Nigerian who has decided to present his thoughts, emotions and literary ideas in a well articulated 185-paged fiction entitled ADA, to fulfil his inner desires as a budding author.

Ifeanyi Ilechukwu

His ability to create time to document his fictive reasoning in very symbolic and illustrative prose calls for serious consideration and celebration.
Ifeanyi Patrick Ilechukwu represents the fighting spirit of the younger generation of Nigerians who are determined to make meaning out of life than its mundane realities, a determination that has enabled him to break the bogey of unemployment and underemployment to make use of his precious time.

ADA, is a story that replicates the pre-colonial era of Nigeria where religion, marriage and betrothed emotions are usually given a serious thought in a typical African village setting.

Ifeanyi is a holder of masters degree in media and communications from Pan African University, having obtained his first degree in Information and Computer System from Benson Idahosa University.

He presently works as Data Consultant in the Finance Department of Global Fund Organisation, Geneva,Switzerland.

ADA; a tale of hearts and crowns is self explanatory and gives an account of the widely held belief of how gods can script the life of anyone in pre-colonial Africa.

Ada, the main character of the story has no choice than to play her part in a world that was scripted by the gods. Set in a rustic village of Afudo, getting married is the beginning of the end, however, she finds a faith so strong and peaceful that could open doors she always dreamt of.

Ikenna’s heart belongs to another but he must also find a way to get rid of his betrothed. A marriage of inconveniences one could say, and what later became the end product of such a marriage?

The author leaves the reader in perfunctory suspense. Beyond heartbeats scheming plots and a destiny planned by gods, is an exciting tale that discovers the crossroads where hearts meet crown.

According to the young author when he spoke with this writer, “the book is set in precolonial era of Nigeria focused on the main character Ada, and her journey through marriage, religion and the creeping shadows of deception”.

In this journey, the writer carefully places the reader at the edge of this story where the words become moving pictures that visually bring an African tale to life.

According to Ifeanyi, his desire to put down his thoughts in a flowing prose laced with symbols and symptoms of well-written English, was partly a way to pour out a tale that appeals to him most profoundly so that the reader will share in his world of fiction.

As a young author also, he explains to me some of his challenges in getting the work out and now ready for launch on Saturday, November 10, 2012 at the Bishop Kelly Pastoral Center Benin City.

Nurtured by a God-fearing mother Madam Grace Ilechukwu, Ifeanyi comes across as a young man with maturing intellect and profound knowledge of literary writing. He says with enthusiasm that “more of my literary works are in the pipeline and in no time, I will begin to unfold my literary ability.

Thank God for my caring mother since I became fatherless at a tender age of three”.
In a society with waning reading culture, writing could be quite debilitating. A work of art is better appreciated by the number of people who reads it.

For those who have the god-given talents to explore, writing to them is a natural thing that flows from the innermost. ADA…a story of hearts and crowns is presented in very clear print and in a size that makes it handy like a reader’s digest.

From the first chapter to the last, the author holds the reader in awe and suspense, thus making the book apparently unputdownable. You will have no option than to want to read through the entire book in one fell swoop.

That, according to the author, is his own way to arrest the reader’s attention and interest. Citizen Ifeanyi deserves all the accolades, support and encouragement from the reading public to continue to fire him to greater heights. Ifeanyi, congratulations. May your pen never go dry.


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