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SUCCESS RECIPE: Mastering your internal guidance system


Why do we think the way we do? Why do we feel the way we do?  Why do we act or behave the way we do? What determines our results in life? The quality of our lives is determined by our internal guidance system. Your internal guidance system is the regulator of your entire life; everything in your life rises or falls on it.

The outward condition of your life is a reflection of the quality of your internal guidance system. What then is internal guidance system? You may ask. It is the stimulant that triggers a pattern of thinking, talking, acting or behaving in various situations and in every important area of our lives which have been learned from infancy onward which has evolved into subconscious response or conditioning that produces the outcome of our lives.

Most of the behaviour and responses of the adult to various situations or events are on autopilot. Most of the ideas, feelings opinion, beliefs, and attitude were learned during our formative years. And these ideas, beliefs, attitude, opinion, values and experiences to which we were exposed to have been imprinted on our subconscious mind.

In every event of your life you draw upon the belief, idea, opinion and attitude that have been filed in your subconscious mind to respond or deal with the situation. Therefore, most of our choices we make in life are subconscious choices rather than conscious choices. If we do not like our behaviour or the result we are experiencing in any area of life, it is needful to change your internal guidance system.

Everything that we have experienced in life either positively or negatively first existed in our minds or in the mind of someone. There cannot be a physical creation without a mental creation. Our lives are being controlled and directed by our mental states; our state of life is determined by our state of mind.

Our behaviour and response to life is always consistent with our mental pictures. And our mental picture creates our actual picture or experience. Therefore, in mastering our internal guidance system we need to take heed of the thoughts and mental picture that dominates our minds because it will dominate our life.

Most of us allow our minds to operate by default; thinking and imagining all kinds of things that creates a failure-ridden life. We must deliberately choose our dominating thoughts and visualize ourselves taking possession of who we want to be, what we want to do and what we want to have. The mental picture should be clear, held consistently in the mind with an in-depth belief that it is as good as done. Think of yourself and see yourself as you want to be and not as you are.

We need to issue out commands to our subconscious mind. We need to talk aloud to ourselves and set the course of our behaviour and life with positive words of how we want to lead our lives. Remember, words can create and increate our feelings and behaviour and shape who we are.

You must walk, talk, and act exactly as if you were already the person you desire to be. Let your behaviour and actions be consistent with your goals and ideals. You need to “live” it before you can experience it.

We are bombarded all our waking hours with negativity. Therefore, we need to shield our minds from all forms of negativity by feeding our minds with positive information that will improve and upgrade our lives bringing us into harmony with our goals. We must take heed of who we listen to, what we watch and read. Remember, garbage in; garbage out.

Our association determines our acceleration or deceleration in the journey of life. Therefore, associate with positive people who are doing something great with their lives; people who will build you up and help you accomplish your destiny.

Chart your course by mastering your internal guidance system.


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