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Resuming geeky trends


It’s amazing how time flies. What’s more amazing is how time changes style. Trends that once belonged to the class of geeks have now become common place for the crème de la crème of campus fashion. Today, Quadlifestyle focuses on these geeky trends.

•Geeky Glasses: Since they surfaced on the campus fashion scene a few years ago, geeky glasses have become a sensation not just for Nigerian students, but for young people all over the world. These glasses combine a sophisticated serious look with a playful, fun loving mood.

•High waist skirts:  Gone are the days when it wasn’t hip to wear skirts on your belly button. From straight to pleated, long skirts to short, nearly every skirt on the runways of university campuses is designed in a pattern that was once reserved for nerds.

•Suits – three piece and all:  Suits have moved from the closets of really ‘uncool’ lecturers to the shoulders of the most eligible students. From suede blazers to three piece plaids, suits are the trademark of the premiere style.

•Bow tie & suspenders:  The village head master’s style has evolved to suit the undergraduate’s wardrobe needs. Bow tie and suspenders are fast becoming regular choices for the stylish campus undergraduate.

Everything old is new again, and it all begins on your way to class!


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