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Personality: The container and the content


Whenever personality is mentioned, there are two sides of the coin which is the “container” and the “content”. Using an analogy; if a bottle of wine has a sophisticated, well designed and attractive bottle (container) but the wine (content) itself is bitter and sour, though people will be attracted to the bottle of wine but when they have a taste of the wine, they are repelled. Hence, the bottle of wine that had previously held their attention becomes a thing that they now distain.

On the other hand, if the bottle (container) is a mess and unattractive but the wine (content) itself is tasteful; people will be repelled although the wine is tasteful. The unattractiveness of the bottle had made the wine go unnoticed though it was palatable. Finally, if the bottle is appealing and the wine tasteful; people will be attracted to both the bottle and the wine. Consequently, the bottle of wine becomes admired and desirable by people.

Along the same vein, physical appearance connotes the container and our heart qualities are the content. Unlike the bottle of wine that is mass produced; an assemblage of identical product. You are a customized product with an originality that had never and will never be in existence.

From the beginning of time to infinity, no one has or will ever have the same fingerprint; voice nor match your features or personality. That proves that you are unique; one of a kind. Therefore, you become a failure or a mediocre to the extent to which you attempt to imitate or become like another person. You can learn from successful personalities you admire to enhance your uniqueness but never want to be like them.

Remember, when you are yourself; you are an original; the best the world has ever known but when you become like another, your value depreciates; you become an imitation; a second-rated citizen in the world.

Personality is the sum total of your outer and inner characteristics or qualities which sets you apart from others and determines the way you see yourself and the impression others have of you while attracting their goodwill or resistance to you as a person.

Personality is fundamentally made up of our external qualities (appearance) and our internal qualities which are basically our thoughts and this determine our character or behaviour.

People must get past your outward appearance before probing into your inner qualities. You are judged by your outward appearance and you also judge people by the same.

An unkempt and sloppy physical appearance without taste and appropriate dress sense will be repulsive even if the heart qualities are right and desirable. But if your physical appearance is attractive and your heart qualities are excellent, you will be the pivot of attraction and influence.

In maintaining an attractive outward appearance one should be clean and well groomed.  Body odour and bad breath is a sure quality that puts off people. Therefore, there is a need to keep the body fresh and clean through regular bathe.

Let a clean mind reflect on a clean body. Your perfume or antiperspirant should not be overpowering. Hair should be neat and kept in good condition; clothes should be clean and pressed; shoes should be shined and the shoe heels should be properly maintained.

Dress appropriately for the occasion; buy the best quality clothes you can afford but let it be fitting on you. Dress to attract but never to conquer. Therefore, decency is the corner stone of a good dress sense. Stand tall, Walk tall, Put your shoulders back, and talk forcefully with conviction in a pleasant tone of voice.

Your dressing is never complete until you wear a smile on your face; the one that is from the heart, such smiles penetrates and melts hearts and make you irresistible. Make your outward appearance appealing so that people will care to know what you are on the inside.

Remember no product sells without the eye appeal; the eye appeal is the gateway for the buy appeal. Therefore, don’t sell yourself short.

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